Lymm Services Lorry Park Truck Stop Poplar 2000
Transport Cafe & Coaches Located at the M6 M56 Intersections

Cliff Lane, Lymm, Cheshire, WA13 0SP

Telephone 01925 757777

Lymm Services

Lymm Truck Stop Lorry Park Location Details

Lymm Transport Cafe Lorry Park is located very well on the M6 and M56 Intersection also the A50, B5158 & B5356 all meeting at the Intersection. The Lorry Park is very well sign posted on the motorways, so you cannot miss it.

Lymm Truck Stop Lorry Park hours of Business

24 hours Monday to Friday
Limited Saturday & Sunday

Lymm Truck Stop Lorry Park Facilities

W.H.Smiths Shop
CB Shack Shop
Travel Lodge

lymmThis Truck stop has been absorbed into the MOTO GROUP, and this is the combination of Granada and Compass group I understand.

Mail from a reader as follows.

Poplar 2000 has been owned for a long time now by GRANADA now known as Moto.

Information on Lymm Poplar Services 2000 supplied by Cliff of Lorry Bits, a CB shop on this site.

Poplar 2000 Services opened in 1994, (I think it was around May.) The original truck stop, 'The Poplars' was just across the road from here, and it was known to everyone as 'Pops'. That was there for many, many years. I can’t give you an exact date, but I know for sure that it was there in the late ‘50s.



0 #10 Tony 2015-03-15 12:07
I would rather put a tent up and sleep in a cow pat field.
0 #9 The pits 2015-03-05 21:16
Stopped here tonight , had no other option , £15 plus a £1 for a shower in a filthy Shower cubicle
Now for resturant , sorry that's what the sign says .
First try and find a table that has been wiped clean ,,,,, there isn't one .
Pie chips and cold veg a fiver , disgusting , complained and it's everyone else hasn't complained ?? . Do I ,, we lorry drivers have to put up with shit food , dirty showers toilets , this is my job and have a clean nice home , avoid this place if possible
0 #8 John 2015-02-04 22:47
Started overnight 4/2/15 to find restaurant cut in half withe fast food facilities,,not good enough,parked with abnormal load car park attendant came out went back in warm little shed,no designated abnormal load bay,after spending money on over priced food and beer, to be greeted by the same attendant asking to move my truck interrupt my overnight break cause some jack ass couldn't get on the gas tank,in my eyes that makes this a bad managed place to park of wich I will never do again and while travelling uk and Europe will advise others not to either,,,think management to to step outside take a look this is suppose to be a truck stop after all,,,really really not happy bunny. Sort it out.
0 #7 John Evans 2014-11-01 11:54
What a shame to read these reviews, back in 1995/1996 I was responsible for taking coaches into poplar, over a 1000 coaches a month when i left, this place was so clean, value for money. everyone liked the place. Alan Piper from the Mail on Sunday did a article on it for standing up to Granada. I spoke out about the quality on normal service areas, having worked for Pavilion and Granada. Greed appears to have stepped in and ruined another good place. What a big shame .
John Evans
0 #6 Jason Wheelan 2014-07-31 07:21
Can u tell me why u state it's secure parking yet there is no guard or camara and there is a lot of trucks having fuel and loads stolen and curtains slashed and the toilets and sinks are never working and it's all over the truck forums that this place is a load theft hot spot and when will u take the signs down stating u have secure parking when it is not jfrom a truck driver who u charge a rip of price for insecure parking and toilets that are disgusting
-1 #5 Ben 2014-07-20 18:11
This week i liked a page on Facebook called "Truckers Against Freight Crime", its opened my eyes to Lymm, so much crime, fuel theft and theft from trucks on a weekly basis. Lymm is one of them places you should just stay away from.
+1 #4 mary 2014-07-09 17:28
toilets discusting, showers discusting, food disgusting, price disgusting, security for overnight hgv parking non exsistant. Will never use again !!!
+1 #3 Pete Townsend 2014-07-07 16:50
£1.69 for a mug of tea, is this cafe Nero or something. Think I'm the one that's been mugged
0 #2 M a Lowmsbro 2014-06-06 10:06
Food not hot enough just loo warm
The cost of food is double what should be,
2 toast 2 sausage 2 Bacon, beans 2toast, kit kat and coffee which was cold
0 #1 Stevan 2014-03-21 15:57
Pity the showers are dirty and the toilets could do wih a good scrub

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