M25 London Junction 26 Truck Stop Lorry Park Transport Cafe
The Junction 26 Truck Stop is located off the M25 at Junction 26, all facilities

Skillet Hill Farm, Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, EN9 3QU

Telephone 01992 809 100

Junction 26 Truck StopLocation Details

Before reading below please note this site says it has clear signs on leaving the M25 at Junction 26. If travelling east on the M25 turn off at junction 26, take the 3rd exit at the roundabout (you will pass the Truck Stop entrance on your right but you cannot turn here). Go all the way around the next roundabout, underneath the M25 again and come back on yourself to the entrance on your left. If travelling west on the M25 turn off at junction 26, take the 4th exit at the roundabout, go underneath the M25 and we are on your left

Click below link for a Google Map to the London M25 Junction 26 Transport Cafe Truck Stop Lorry Park

London Truck Stop Sat Nav Details

The Sat Nav details for this location in latitude and longitude as follows.
N 51deg 40min 46secs
E 0deg 01mins 48secs
Post code is close for sat nav but lat/long is perfect.

inside cafeJunction 26 Transport Cafe hours of Business

Monday to Thursday 06.00hrs to 21.00hrs
Friday 06.00hrs to 20.00hrs
Saturday 06.00hrs to 14.00hrs
Sundays The actual transport Cafe is closed



Lorry Park


Overnight parking ticket entitles drivers to a meal and 2 cups of tea/coffee

As is the standard in the UK we offer two hours free parking.
The lorry park is open 24 hours per day but not on bank holidays.
The Lorry Park accommodates 50 HGVs and is well lit with CCTV
The parking charge in February 2010 is £20.00 which includes a meal voucher, please be aware that prices change over time.
Fuel is not available on site
Credit/Debit cards are welcome for parking


Male and Female showers are available.

Junction 26 Transport Cafe Meals

PLEASE NOTE! Overnight parking ticket entitles drivers to a meal and 2 cups of tea/coffee


Enjoy the full works with 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, beans, tinned toms, mushrooms, hash browns, bread or toast and tea or coffee all for £5.30. It's cheaper if you do not want all of that.


Usual fillings.
Sarnies start at £1.50
Rolls at £1.70
Torpedoes at £2.


We have
Omelettes n chips
Burgers n chips
Jacket spuds,
Ham n eggs n chips
Plus a lot more
Prices start at £3.30


More pies than you can shake a stick at all with mixed veg, mash n gravy at £5.95.

We have Fajitas, Lasagne, Scampi n Chips, Roast Chicken and more. We will always have a choice of 8 meals each night.


Desserts are spotted dick
jam sponge
apple pie
choc pudding
all served with ice cream/custard.

Last hot food orders are taken one hour before we close. Please phone ahead if you are concerned about your arrival time. We always try to help.

Other Services Available

WiFi is available
TV is available
Meals are freshly cooked


0 #12 Phil 2015-03-20 17:06
This looks like a case of them being suspicious of the van, nothing to do with the driver being MOD.
0 #11 dave 2015-02-23 20:23
We did get to the bottom of this rumour, the facts are:
a driver in a plain white lorry occasionally came into the truck park always parking in the far corners of the site, along with him was a small van, the lorry itself has a trailer with opening side doors .
due to the out of character actions and the fact that it is common knowledge that thief's operate in truck parks with this style of lorry/trailer the driver was approached and asked what he was doing, apparently he said he was mod but no proof of this was offered ,due to the suspicious actions the driver was asked to leave the site. this has nothing what so ever to do with any military staff or vehicles but everything to do with the security of our customers vehicles and loads.
+1 #10 les 2015-01-31 20:32
i have known dave for a good many years now ,please do not think i am biased... as an ex lorry driver and friend of his .i can say that he will accept mod staff there ..he has a close relationship with the mod ......thefore i see it hard to beleive the rumours.
0 #9 Sam at SNAP Account 2014-06-20 08:31
Hi Gordon.

I work for SNAP Account. So this alleged incident wouldn't have been one of my staff. We have been working with J26 for a long time though, and know that they welcome military personel and vehicles. Why would any business turn away a paying customer?

I would suggest that you call the owner at J26, Dave, on 01992 809 100. I know that he would take it very seriously if one of his staff had said something like this.

As I have repeated in my previous posts, as far as I can determine from my own investigation, there is absolutely no policy of turning away military customers at J26.
0 #8 Gordon 2014-06-19 18:42
Sam thanks for your comment would you please clarify that it is not true that one of your staff spoke to my driver and stated that his kind wasn't welcome at this facility?
+1 #7 Sam at SNAP Account 2014-06-19 14:51
Hi, I work for SNAP and i've just been speaking to the owners of J26 on the phone. It seems that someone has made up some false rumours about J26.

They do a lot of business with MoD and ex forces personell, and would like everyone to know that the information posted about this is false.

Its also a little suspicious that these three negative reviews were posted within ten minutes of each other.

Reviews of sites are brilliant as they encourage all Truckstops to provide better services for drivers, but false reviews are unfair and can damage the reputation of great sites. We are looking into who may have started this rumour.
0 #6 Lee Armstrong 2014-06-19 09:30
As a ex squaddie and a hgv driver I find this shocking, you should be ashamed off yourselfs and I will be going viral on this.
+11 #5 darron 2014-06-18 18:01
Refusing to serve military personnel,,, as a ex squaddie and a truck driver I find this disgusting and have report it to the local radio and watch dog and have told every trucker, magazine, Web page I know to avoid this place now
+5 #4 anon 2014-06-18 17:50
Just had a run in with junction 26 truck stop on M25 says he won,t except MOD vehicles in his place............
any truth in this or is some one out to discredit u
+4 #3 Taff jones 2014-06-18 17:49
Truck stop won't serve forces personnel or veterans surgest don't use

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