Operating Advice

  • Insurance advice

    14th March 2018

    Q Please can you tell me if it is possible to insure against a customer going Bankrupt and leaving us with an invoice unpaid? A The insurance you are enquiring about is called Credit Insurance and yes it does cover…

  • In-vehicle technology and improving safety

    In-vehicle technology and improving safety

    8th March 2017

    There are a multitude of factors which influence vehicle operators’ costs, of which insurance is one. With a rise in Insurance Premium Tax expected this year, higher costs of vehicle repairs and escalating personal injury and whiplash costs all contributing…

  • New start-up, Deal or no deal

    2nd March 2017

    New start-up Q. I am thinking of starting up on my own and running a five-year-old 32-tonne tipper. As a brand-new start, can you give me a very tough idea of what insurance premiums I should expect to pay? A.…

  • Heavy Lifting, Parking Plot

    2nd March 2017

    Heavy lifting Q. I have been offered some work carrying machinery for a local engineering company. I will need to buy a flatbed trailer with a crane, but apart from insuring the extra trailer, will my insurances be affected? A.…


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