Zenloc Container Alarm

zenloc For years the freight industry has suffered losses in many forms. A lot of which occur while the vehicle carrying freight is at rest and the driver is away from the vehicle taking a break or asleep in his cab. The rear doors of these containers are often forced open and the security is easily breached. This system, the Zenloc Container Alarm, has been designed to warn of such an intrusion. Unlike other security devices already in use, this system is completely stand alone from any electrical systems on the vehicle and gives added driver protection.

The Zenloc Container Alarm is primarily intended to give a remote indication of attempted interference with the doors of sealed containers or metal doors. The system is designed for minimal user attention. Correct attachment is confirmed visually (LED indicator) and audibly (alarm blips). Its use is for both metal containers and the majority of fixed rigid vehicles using the dry freight door system with the locking lever at the centre bottom of these up/over doors.

Any activation would send a coded signal to a receiver, which is carried by the driver and will give a loud audible tone. At the same time the Zenloc Container Alarm would emit a piercing tone and a high intensity strobe light to warn its attacker it has been activated. The Zenloc Container Alarm can only be deactivated using the coded electronic key neatly built in to the receiver.

With the system devices talking to each other everything is fine, if not a tone will sound on the receiver giving the user warning that the receiver is now out of range of the security device, thus giving the opportunity to either reposition the vehicle or at least warn the user that something needs to happen to make sure the alarm if activated would be noticed.

Driver Safety

An added feature of the Zenloc Container Alarm is driver safety. Without Zenloc if drivers want to know if they are being attacked at night the only way is to leave the security of the cab and walk back 40 feet to look at the rear of the container being carried. This made the driver very vulnerable. Now, with the Zenloc Container Alarm fitted, the driver can secure himself in his cab and undertake a number of self-protective measures in the knowledge that if there is a problem, he would never have to leave his cab thus putting himself at risk.

zenlocBacking from Insurance Investigators, Signum Services Ltd

The respected insurance investigators Signum Services Ltd. has expressed its support of the new Zenloc Container Security Alarm. Signum Services Ltd has served as specialist investigators in the shipping industry since 1953 and built up a prestigious reputation over the decades. Having witnessed a demonstration of the newly designed and produced Zenloc alarm Chief Investigator of Signum, Chris Simpson, referred to the award-winning product as “excellent”.

The Zenloc Container Alarm consists of two units; the first fits across two container doors at the rear of any container (static, on the road or at sea) and is fitted with movement sensors which activate the alarm when roused (either when the container is being tampered with or if the alarm itself is being removed when activated). Activation of the alarm triggers a siren at 118 decibels as well as a strobe light. The second is a remote control unit which is around the size of a mobile phone and which allows the driver to set the alarm and deactivate it remotely. This remote control of the freight alarm remains within range for up to 300 metres, allowing the driver to be away from his freight to sleep or avail himself of rest facilities while still being alerted of any attempted breach of freight security. Any attempt to block the radio communication between the device and its controller will activate the controller and device.

Chris Simpson of Signum Services was impressed by this remote activation ability, as well as the fact that the alarms were easy to use (being powered by batteries which are charged by simply plugging into the cab’s cigarette lighter, giving 5 days of use on only 4 hours of charging). The fact that the trailer alarm is available to lease for £4 per week was also deemed to be an important point from this insurers point of view.

Simpson stated: “I thought the product to be well thought out and well constructed. Every attempt to move the unit or open the container doors resulted in the alarm being triggered. It seemed excellent.”

This solid endorsement is the latest positive news for the Zenloc container alarm, which is promising to impact the insurance world as well as that of haulage security.

Contact the Zenloc office via e-mail for details on an insurance company that will give you a discount for fitting this device on your truck or container.

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