Dunn Roamin’

  • Let’s hear it for the Great British banger!

    8th May 2018

        In a direct contrast to a few weeks ago, as I write this, it’s super sunny. My office windows are open for the first time this year, the birds are singing… life is good. So I’m feeling good.…

  • Some drivers must take better care

    9th April 2018

    The two truck drivers involved in the fatal M1 collision last August have been sentenced and both have received prison terms. Ryszard Masierak was given 14 years for causing death by dangerous driving while David Wagstaff got three years and…

  • We need truckstops where there are trucks!

    14th March 2018

    Spalding, where I live, is a very busy area for road haulage operations. The mass of agriculture means there is a lot of transport, all of it provided by road. There are big companies like Gist, FreshLinc, Fowler Welch, Turners…

  • Time to embrace electric trucks?

    14th March 2018

    For those who love the sound of a big V8, or indeed a nice straight six, roaring into life as they press their foot down on the accelerator, might need to brace themselves. Electric trucks really are coming. In this…

  • Truckers are as important as doctors and nurses!

    13th February 2018

    It was a pleasure to return to Chippenham Pit Stop to present the Managing Director David Hatherell with the Truckstop of the Year trophy. It is a wholly worthy winner. If you want to nominate a truckstop for the 2018…

  • Low entry trucks will become more common

    29th January 2018

    Scania’s new L series low cab trucks will hit our streets this summer and for the casual observer, they may take some getting used to. But looks aren’t everything, and for the distribution market, I genuinely think they offer a…

  • Dunn Roamin’

    12th January 2018

      Christmas has been and gone, and, unsurprisingly, the shelves did not run bare as the mainstream – oft-scaremongering – media would have had us believe. Instead the road haulage industry kept everything stocked. In short this industry never stops.…

  • Trucker Tucker: Pukka Cuppa for the Road!

    Trucker Tucker: Pukka Cuppa for the Road!

    23rd June 2015

    At 6 am, Route 45 flings open its doors at PJM Lorry Park in Coventry – and it’s not just the truckers getting up and onto the roads. For those that don’t know, Route 45 is also the hub for…

  • Trucker Tucker: A spoonful of sugar too much?

    Trucker Tucker: A spoonful of sugar too much?

    29th May 2015

    Never mind those statistics we keep hearing on trucker diets and sugar, we just need to look down at our waistline to know if we’re towing the line or not. At PJM Lorry Park, we did our own research about…

  • Trucker Tucker: Comfort cab and frugal foods

    Trucker Tucker: Comfort cab and frugal foods

    9th February 2015

    Get happy saving money by cooking your own comforting stews – eat better on the road this winter! February weather on the roads, you always know it’s bad when the train operators pile their passengers from Inverness onto the A9…