In a direct contrast to a few weeks ago, as I write this, it’s super sunny. My office windows are open for the first time this year, the birds are singing… life is good.

So I’m feeling good. I’ve no need to have a rant? Not really, but I do want to get something off my chest which has been bugging me for a while.

In the course of editing TSN, I visit many truckstops – big and small. And on the whole, I have been pleasantly surprised. Some establishments – such as the Formula Services featured on page 27 of this issue – are excellent. They are great and drivers should welcome them.

But, as I say, I have a niggle. And that niggle concerns the quality of the Great British banger! An integral part of a ‘Full English’, in my eyes, some sausages simply don’t make the grade. And that is because, unlike the bacon, sausages are more processed. And sometimes that processed-ness (not a valid word, I know, but you know what I mean) has been taken too far.

If you go to your local supermarket, then you will be presented with a range of bangers. And they start with the ‘mega cheap, value, basics, essentials’ range, which are often about 80 or 90p for eight.

My wife jokes that these are made from the sweepings off the abattoir floor, and she may have a point (plus, I am expected to listen to my wife). Sadly, I have a hunch some truckstops are using sausages of similar ‘quality’ – a word I use in its loosest form! They are cheap…. But nasty!

Yet there are some great bangers out there (stop laughing at the back, you know what I mean). You don’t have to buy hand-reared Gloucestershire wild boar sausages which will double the price of a breakfast. All I am saying to truckstop owners, chefs and proprietors – don’t go for the cheapest sausage there is. Up the quality stakes.

And, here’s a thought, given you can have Cumberland, Lincolnshire, chipolata, Glamorgan and so on, what about trying out different sausages each week, or even offering a choice when ordering?

So, let’s here it for the great British Banger, but let’s make sure it gives you a taste bang and not a taste whimper…


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