Anyone who heads along the A57 eastbound from Worksop with the intention of joining the A1 southbound might get a bit of a shock when they reach the junction roundabout. Why?

Well, there’s a yellow diversion sign claiming the A1 southbound is closed and you should follow a different route. Except the A1 is not closed.

The sign obviously has served a purpose for when the A1 has been closed (and I know it has been as I have been caught up in the diversions a couple of times), but as a rule, the road is open. So why is the sign still there?

Likewise, there has been many times recently that I have seen signs advising roads are due to be closed…. Except the signs are still standing proud days, weeks, even months after the closure!

For example, also on the A1, the other day – May 20 – I saw a sign advising that the slip road was due to be closed on the night of April 7! So either the Highways Agency is 10½ months too early or, as I actually suspect – it’s another example of a signs being left standing well after the event. And I’ve seen many other similar instances of ‘stale’ signs still up well after their ‘best before’ date!

It’s time who ever is responsible for putting out these signs is a bit better clued up at arranging for them to be taken down after they have served their purpose.

And while on a ‘sign of the times rant’ – let’s go back to diversions…. Another classic I saw the other day when diverted off a motorway was a junction which had diversions signs pointing left and right! Which was the correct one? Were there two diversions in place for two different routes which happen to converge at the one roundabout and any poor souls reaching that point, were left with an ‘eeny, meeny, miny, mo’ situation. There weren’t the shape symbols to indicate two separate diversions – it really was a case of following your nose!

Given most of these diversions are late at night, and so in the dark, it’s not the best time to be trying to guess your route on the hoof – especially if you are driving a truck which may have issues in terms of size and weight restrictions if diverted.

And how many times are you happily – well, not happily – more likely annoyingly – trundling along your diversion and the signs simply ‘run out’ and again, you are left with your own guess work – or satnav – to see you get vaguely back to where you want to be? Another bugbear of mine.

So, it can’t be beyond the intelligence of the companies in charge of signposting diversions to get it right! And also to keep on top of their signs so they are left standing when they are no longer needed.





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