Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 16.52.44 copyFour suckers and a vice…shaping up meal times at Coventry’s Tasty Bites with the latest gadget.

Many forget that lorry drivers have to share the roads and arteries of the UK with the masses getting from A to B. The Highways Agency gave a glimpse of what lorry drivers have to contend with on a daily basis, with excuses given to traffic officers for dangerous driving. Like the one highlighted in the Guardian, of the driver who stopped on the hard shoulder because he thought his car was on fire. Turns out that the ‘fire’ warning that flashed at him was a song by Adele that was playing on his audio system.

So its little wonder when drivers stop off for a hard earned break, that they want to be welcomed with damn good food and a little rest and relaxation. For other ridiculous reasons, click here.

Unwinding from the pressures of the road is one thing but you don’t want to be lurching for the chocolate bars every time. Lets face it, comfort food is a winner but if you are then climbing back into the cab for a few more hours driving, you might be going somewhere, but that pasta bake isn’t.

So this month, we tasked Tasty Bites at Coventry’s PJM Lorry Park to cut back the carbs but not the food.

Making a meal of vegetables

Stumped with trying to offer healthier food and being a bit gadget-freakish in the kitchen, they came up with a large lump of white plastic – the Spiralizer. Whilst it looks like it came straight out of the 80’s, this chunk of a gadget is in fact a grater with a vice and sucker pads, and is taking America by storm.

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 16.52.22

The glorious contraption turns a lumpy, plain sweetpotato into…noodles! Yes, noodles.

Taking any hardy vegetable like the aforementioned sweet potato, just attach it to the vice and turn the handle. The Spiralizer gets to work grating the vegetable as it turns – it’s the rotation that makes the noodle. And those sucker pads, what do they do? They simply hold the contraption down on the surface, which is essential when you’retrying to squeeze a raw potato through a grater!

Tanya from Tasty Bites had her say on the new gadget: “With winter approaching, it’s easy to fall back into warm, comforting food, but we wanted to create dishes that have an extra side of veg and we think we’ve found it! These noodles can then be blanched or roasted or eaten raw as a salad but as it’s getting colder we found that cooking the noodles in a sauce makes a tasty alternative to a carb overload of pasta.”

But its not just hot noodles that lorry drivers have been tucking into, carrot spirals and apple noodles were all given out as free ‘tasty bites’. And, If you do you want to stick to your carbs, you might spot some craftily placed vegetable noodles mixed in with a Tasty Bites traditional stir fry.

Same great ingredients, just different shapes!

Screen Shot 2014-10-01 at 17.21.495 Things you can Spiralize for the road

Apples – a better way of nibbling fruit if you don’t eat enough of it. We think turning fruit into shapes is a bit more fun.

Carrots – carrot sticks are a bit plain looking, but carrot spirals aren’t and are great for a packed lunch. These thin noodles are also great in stir frys.

Beetroot – can’t give up sarnies? Try packing in some beetroot spirals with feta cheese and chicken for the road.

Sweet Potato Rice – yes, you can do this too with a food processor! Place your noodles into the food processor and whiz it up until you get rice-sized ‘grains’. Then you can stir fry and add a sauce, and boom! Sweet potato rice.

Courgette – pasta spaghetti, with courgette noodles. These are a great replacement for pasta, mixed in with any of your favourite sauces.

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