If you haven’t been, Tasty Bites is the kitchen that fuels the hungry and hard working drivers rolling into PJM Lorry Park in Coventry. The tight-knit team of Tanya, Pete and Paul have an insight into what truckers eating habits are – being on the serving side – and can see how bad eating routines can arise with long hours on the road. With this in mind, we challenged the team against each other to conjure up a snack worthy of trucker tucker expectations, but with a few rules.

It had to be:

  • a healthy snack
  • one that truckers could take on the road
  • a snack with no mess

The line up was as follows…

Breakfast Chef Pete’s treat was low calorie, homemade rice cakes topped with chocolate.

Boss of Tasty Bites, Tanya was gunning for glory with bran bites, a glammed-up version of bran flakes bound with chocolate and orange.

And last but not least there was Breakfast Manager, Paul who announced he was making Gamberi Cannellini…no, we didn’t know what that was either but he assured everyone it was high in protein.

On the day, it was rigged up like the World Cup final. A flurry of tweets reflected the ever changing score line, alleged cheating and foul play shots were fired across the kitchen whilst the hungry drivers ticked the charts with their favourites.

Trucker Tucker - One for the road 1

Tensions ran high as Tanya was accused of cheating with her increasingly popular bran bites, which Pete described as ‘padded with chocolate and sugar’. Not exactly in the spirit of challenge but decent trucker tucker none the less!

Pete’s rice cakes were only 30 calories per cake even though they were smothered in chocolate and they got a fair few ticks on the score chart.

The mystery of the Gamberi Cannellini was finally revealed to be completely made up on the spot by a chuckling Paul. His snack consisted of Melba toast served with two baked beans on top – yes, two – garnished with a fresh crisp salad. It went down a storm as truckers indulged themselves to a bite of micro dining, but no snack of that delicate nature is going to last long in a cab! Nice try Paul.

So it was a triumphant Tanya that wowed the truckers and took the top spot. She won on taste, which is what good food is all about, and her bite-sized portions also made for guilt-free snacking! Tanya said: “As the winning snack, Bran Bites will be stamped onto the new Summer Roadster Menu. They are a great treat to make and take on the road, or as part of a packed lunch!”

Tasty Bites give their top five roadster snacks to get you through summer:

Rice cakes

Our favourite brand is Kallo – in fact, our mouth is still sizzling from the spicy chilli ones. These are mess-free, they keep for 14 days and are amazingly moreish just on their own. You can also go wild with topping ideas like adding salsa, cheddar and avocado, which extends their reach beyond a snack. At just 32 calories per rice cake and very low in fat, we are hooked!


Easy to pick up on the road and they don’t need to be about sugary fruits. There are plenty of ‘super green’ smoothies, like ones with spinach, kale and a touch of lime to sweeten it up. Make your own or add a vitamin powder for extra Kapow!

Edamame beans

A big favourite as a bar snack in Japan! This tasty nibble can be picked up dried or fresh and is usually punched up with a light touch of rock salt. They are also high in protein. Marks & Spencer and Waitrose usually stock them as snacks on the road.


Pistachios, Cashews and Almonds are all great fibre and protein. Eat them simply without flavourings or roasted in oil. Filling and staves off hunger!


This might not be seen as a snack but it is vital that we stay hydrated. Hunger can often be confused with thirst, so if you still feel hungry after having a swig, then it’s a good time to pick one of the above.

Trucker Tucker is a monthly blog about great food for hard-working truckers. Healthy recipes, fantastic snacks for the cab and much more!


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