At 6 am, Route 45 flings open its doors at PJM Lorry Park in Coventry – and it’s not just the truckers getting up and onto the roads.

For those that don’t know, Route 45 is also the hub for Jaguar Land Rover commuters grabbing the Park and Ride from PJM Lorry Park. This well-trodden hot-spot of workers is a punctual routine of coffee and breakfast, but we’ve noticed a change – in fact, it’s more of a disappearance from our shelf.

With an ingredients list reminiscent of the Game of Thrones cast with ‘Valerian’ and other exotic names such as ‘Tusli’, the action is stocked firmly at Route 45 in the form of our new favourite teabags – yes, teabags!

We always take care to introduce healthy options along with the old favourites. It’s a long time on the road whether you are hitting the M5 or M40, and breakfast chef Pete always packs off drivers and commuters with breakfast ready to go. In amongst his daily routine, he didn’t notice a certain teabag was being well sought after until he ran out of his Pukka Tea.

Now, we’ve long harked on about cutting caffeine and swapping for a decent cuppa (of which we prefer Pukka; we only stock what we would drink ourselves), and our commuters have hooked onto the Pukka Teabags we stocked for a ‘just in case’ scenario.

Admittedly, we’ve tried and tested a lot of different herbal teas, and some that didn’t quite make our cupboard still found their way onto the shelf at Route 45. Just because I don’t like a triple dose of ginger, it doesn’t mean the 6.15 am commuter won’t either – in fact, it’s quite the opposite, and we ran out!

So it’s with delight that we’ve started to stock some of our personal team favourites – as with herbal teabags, there are literally hundreds of them. But we know you’re thinking that if you’re on the road, then who really wants a crop full of herby greens and soothing calm, when you all you really need is a spice full of coffee caffeine to sharpen up the day, right?

Our sometimes sceptical team have sniffed and baulked at some of the herbal infusions we’ve tried and tested, but one cup later, it’s a nudge and a quip of “quite nice actually” – particularly from recent convert, breakfast chef Pete.

But it’s not just about the health benefits; it’s also about changing the perception of herbal teas – and we’ve found a perfect selection for truckers staying at PJM Lorry Park without the fuss.

So without further ado, here’s a list of our top two infusions that you can find regularly stocked at Route 45 along with other guest teabags when you pop in:

Pukka Night Time

Firstly, we’re sure the ingredient reminds us of someone from Game of Thrones, so it must be good! And it is! “Combining a sleepy crush of oat flower, soothing lavender, and silky-sweet limeflower together with the magic of valerian.” This is such a surprise and anyone we’ve passed it onto has been hooked on it for winding down the day and getting a good trucker’s night sleep!


We have this in the morning instead of coffee. It’s warming and the cardamom flavour gives you the coffee kick. It’s calming and refreshing all at the same time, a real cuppa for the road – I find I drink this hitting the M5!

Pukka don’t just stop there. Visiting their website is like discovering some exotic holiday – and based in Bristol, it gets our local seal of approval. But not only that, they’ve only gone and added some nifty recipes onto their website – and their coconut flapjacks may be coming to Route 45 very soon!


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