Riggotts National Line Marking Services has commissioned six new 15-tonne Mercedes Atego trucks,
which offer enhanced fuel-efficiency and reduced emissions, as well as exemplary levels of safety and comfort.

The environment and well-being of its crews were top priorities for the line marking firm when it invested over £500,000 in its first Euro 6 Mercedes trucks.

A long-standing operator of Mercs, Tuxford-based Riggotts’ latest trucks are all 1524L models withClassicSpace day cabs and 238hp 7.7-litre straight-six engines and Mercedes PowerShift 3 automated transmissions.

Supplied by Northside Truck & Van, their purpose-designed dropside bodywork is by Alloy Bodies, of Manchester.

Joint Managing Director Nick Riggott said: “We’re always looking for ways to move with the times and stay ahead of the game. By replacing older, Euro 5 vehicles with these Euro 6 Ategos, we’ve taken another important step on the road towards a ‘greener’ Riggotts.

“Not only are we looking forward to reductions in our fuel bill, but by producing fewer emissions these new trucks will also help us to protect the environment and improve air quality.”

Smartly finished with metallic silver cabs and 25.5ft bodies with brushed aluminium dropsides which are lower towards the back ends of the trucks, the trucks are fitted with compressors and pre-heaters that melt the state-of-the- art thermoplastics, resins, epoxy and chlorinated rubber products used to mark surfaces.

Optional features include a centre seat, and a pair of additional 100-litre fuel tanks, supplementing the standard 180-litre tank.

Nick Riggott confirmed: “From day one we pitched our company at the premium end of the market, which is why we’ve always favoured Mercedes. This is a potentially dangerous business, but the Atego offers the well proven safety and reliability we need.”


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