Cornwall’s Brunel Recycling has added a high-riding eight-wheeler Mercedes Arocs 4140K with volumetric mixer body to its fleet. Essentially a truck mixer and concrete batching plant rolled into one, the new truck was supplied by Rygor Commercials.

Built in Buckingham by concrete equipment specialist Utranazz, the Hydromix HM12H-E body features separate compartments for sand, stone, cement and water. These raw materials are then metered and mixed into fresh concrete when and where it is needed. The unmixed product remains useable indefinitely, eliminating costly wastage.

The Arocs is in the operator’s bright red livery and has a ClassicSpace M-cab underneath which is a 394hp 10.7-litre straight-six engine coupled to a PowerShift 3 automated transmission.

Brunel Recycling purchased its first Merc, an 8×4 Arocs tipper, from Rygor in 2015. Simce then it’s added another three tippers and a tipper-grab, before taking delivery last year of a hook-loader. All six of these 32-tonne vehicles are based on Arocs 3240K chassis; with one exception the tippers, and the tipper-grab, have Thompson bodies, while the hook-loader’s roll on-roll-off equipment is by Harsh.

Brian Venables said Brunel Recycling’s experience of operating Mercedes-Benz trucks over the last four years had been entirely positive. “They’ve been totally reliable and are very economical,” he confirmed.

“The Arocs is clearly built to withstand the rigours of our kind of work. The excellent ground clearance is a big advantage when we’re off-road, and it’s very comfortable to drive. The Arocs also looks and sounds brilliant,” he added. “It’s a seriously cool truck, and the guys love it.”