The team at the award-winning Chippenham Pit Stop on the M4 in Wiltshire is on a mission to provide customers with healthier eating options. Its catering crew have just introduced the High Performance Breakfast that weighs in at under 500 calories, nearly half that of a traditionalcooked breakfast!

Health Campaigns Coordinator Lisa Hatherell said research showed that ‘Mr Average’ consumed around 2,500 calories a day so by reducing their consumption by 500 calories the average trucker could lose a pound a week.

“The trick has been to produce a breakfast including poached eggs, bacon, toast and tomato, with a veggie option, that is tasty and sets people up for a day’s work yet will not put on those extra pounds,” she said.

“But it’s not only about losing weight because the meal is also low in fat and high in protein so will also be attractive to customers building up their muscles and best of all it is our cheapest breakfast option so wallets will stay in great shape too!” said Lisa.

She adds: “If there is a healthy take up from our trucker and local customers we plan to introduce more high performance, lower calorie meal options, for lunch and dinner, all using locally sourced ingredients.”

Driving a truck and spending hours behind a wheel was not always compatible with a healthy lifestyle so the Pit Stop people were doing all they could to redress the balance. It has already installed an outside gym, set up a round trip walking route and even introduced a set of scales to help customers watch their weight.