We’re looking for the country’s best truck driver – and we need your help!

We all know that trucks keep the wheels of Britain turning, ensuring manufacturers can produce, retailers’ shelves are stocked and the national economy stays buoyant. But we reckon the men and women that pilot the vehicles don’t get the recognition they deserve. The hours can be long, the roads can be a trial and the conditions out there on the highway can leave a lot to be desired.

So we’re looking to celebrate our country’s drivers by searching for the best of the best. We’re looking for nominations of drivers who are true Knights of the Road, who go above and beyond the call of duty and represent the very best of the British trucking community.

Perhaps they’re always willing to lend a hand; perhaps they go out of their way to help others; perhaps alongside their day job, they’ve worked tirelessly to raise money for good causes. Whatever the reason, we would like to hear about them for our competition – proudly sponsored by insurance specialist, Staveley Head.

“As providers of truck insurance for more than 20 years, we have developed a strong relationship with the haulage industry and understand its importance to the UK economy,” said Staveley Head’s marketing manager, James McManus. “We are always keen to find ways of celebrating those people who make the industry what it is and Trucker of the Year is a great way of doing that.

“We are excited to receive nominations for 2017 and see who will be named as our Trucker of the Year for 2017.”

Prize details will be released very soon. Don’t delay, get your nominations in now!

If you know a driver who fits the bill, please visit this page and let us know your name and contact details, the name and contact details of the driver you wish to nominate, and the reason why you think they should be crowned Trucker of the Year 2017 (in 100 words or fewer).




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