Global Transport and Logistics provider DSV has just taken delivery of its 1,000thUK MAN Truck. The latest fleet edition is a TGX 26.500 6×2 tractor featuring the flagship XXL Cab. Based out of DSV’s Immingham depot it will work throughout the UK.

In marking the significance of the truck to, unlike the traditional DSV deep blue livery with white lettering, the new vehicle is painted in a commemorative silver with the DSV logo in black.

Keith Northen, Fleet Manager at Immingham said: “This vehicle marks not one, but two milestones for DSV here in the UK. Firstly, it is the 1000thMAN truck that we have operated within our UK fleet over the past 20 years, and secondly all have been sold to us by the same contact from MAN, Mark Price.

“We have a long-term, firmly established and trusted relationship with both Mark and MAN. With over 20 years of experience in specifying and supplying our vehicles, Mark knows exactly what we need and delivers on time, every time.

The TGX 26.500 joins a fleet of 172 DSV vehicles, 142 of which are MANs. Mr Northen continued: “Covering an average 120,000kms a year our vehicles will be in service for four years.”

The new Flagship has been handed to long-term drivers Tim Cook. It has an enhanced level of driver comfort features including leather seats and cab trim, satnav with 7-inch colour screen and air-conditioning. Safety has been enhanced with the fitment of MAN EBA braking, Lane Guard and cornering lights. Ensuring maximum efficiency the TGX has been fitted with MAN EfficientRoll and EfficientCruise – which recently proved a 9% improvement in fuel consumption, a sliding fifth wheel – helping maximise aerodynamic efficiencies and, Alloy wheels fitted with Michelin Eco tyres.