Exeter-based Heaver Brothers often buys pre-owned vehicles, when high-quality, low-mileage examples are available – and an Approved Used tractor unit from local Mercedes Dealer City West Commercials will always fit the bill.

The latest arrivals are a pair of three-year-old Actros 2545s with flat-floored StreamSpace cabs and 450hp straight-six engines. They have joined a fleet of 27 tractors, all but one of which are Mercs, and seven eight-wheeled drawbar rigids with cranes.

The company is run by brothers Maurice and Barrie Heaver, while Maurice’s sons Kevin and Mark are both Directors too. Kevin is Fleet Engineer, Mark runs the transport operation, and their sister Tracey oversees much of the administration. Qualified accountant Jean Hannan, meanwhile, has been looking after the finances for well over 30 years.

“An Approved Used Mercedes Actros ticks all our boxes, and represents excellent value for money,” said Maurice Heaver. “The Actroses are always superbly presented, and virtually indistinguishable from new trucks. They’ve done us proud down the years, so it makes sense to keep buying more.”

Mr Heaver continued: “We cover the entire UK and our vehicles are sometimes double-shifted, so can rack up some big distances. They stand up to the work extremely well, though, and only very rarely do we get a problem. Fuel performance is good, too. We’re not in a position to benchmark the Actros against other makes of truck, but we do keep abreast of the competition through the media and by talking to other operators. The returns on our vehicles are always where we’d want them to be.”

The drivers are every bit as enthusiastic. “Some have been with us for 30 years or more, and their feedback is important, and when it comes to the Actros it’s overwhelmingly positive. We equip the cabs with extra features to make nights away as comfortable as possible. All in all, they’re lovely trucks to drive,” Maurice adds.