Iveco also launched a Fit Cab option to its new S-Way range which incorporates a small in-cab ‘gym’ which will allow drivers to undertake workouts to keep them fit “with the aim of improving the wellbeing, comfort and performance of the driver, mitigating the consequences of long driving hours.”
The centre of the bunk can be raised and the driver can stand and use weights. Dedicated hooks and anchor points are integrated into the exterior to host specifically designed accessories. The interior of the cab has a wall-integrated multi-directional pulley, a roof-integrated folded multi-grip solution, and a functional package that includes resistance bands, sliders and weights. Additionally, the retractable step on the front of the truck – as used for washing the windscreen – can double up as a training step.
The Fit Cab also has a striking ‘sporty’ black livery with red trim with a logo inspired by fitness programmes and is aimed at improving the driver’s mobility, stability, strength and overall fitness.
Iveco is not the first to offer this type of healthy option; Mercedes did a similar option in 2015.


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