Iveco has finally launched its long-awaited new cab for its heavy truck range. The new S-WAY was unveiled at an event in Madrid on July 2.

The new range comes in 2.5 and 2.3-metre wide cab variants, with sleeper and high roof sleeper on the former and day, sleeper and hi roof sleepers on the latter and they replace the existing Stralis models and. There is also the new X-Way construction and off-road heavy duty chassis.

These models will be followed later in the year by the T-Way multi-axle rigids to replace the existing Trakker models.

The drivetrains and engine options remain from the existing Stralis models. However, these were updated in 2016 and Iveco says the cab is simply the last piece in the jigsaw of what has been a progressive range overhaul.

It means the power outputs come from the current Cursor 9, 11 and 13 engines giving a range from 310 to 570hp.

The 9-litre engines come in 310, 330, 360 and 400hp, the 11-litre in 420, 460 and 480hp options and the 13-litre as either 510 or 570hp.

There are also the Gas versions at 400 and 460hp. The Hitronix gearbox options remain but presently it is not expected there will be a manual option.

Iveco says due to their better aerodynamics, the new cabs will offer a 4% fuel saving over Stralis models.

While it was widely expected that Iveco would adopt mirror-less technology, a suspicion supported by leaked pictures of test trucks, the trucks were launched with conventional wing mirrors as the new technology was not ready.

It has hinted it expects to introduce mirror-cameras fairly soon. The Italian company is pushing its natural gas options heavily with the new range but standard diesel engines are of course still being offered.

The new trucks will be built at the former Pegaso factor in Madrid and in Milan.

The new truck uses about 20% of the previous Stralis cab – namely the back of the cab, but the rest of it is wholly new, the engine tunnel has been reduced by 55% – or 11cm – from 205mm to 95mm but there is no flat floor, and the company says it will not be looking to develop such a model.

The wide cab has a completely new front, roof and doors. The new 2.3m wide cab uses about 50% of the DNA of its predecessor. The same shape of the high roof sleeper is retained.

The narrow cab trucks will start production next year and right hand drive vehicles will start production in April 2020 – with operators able to order the trucks form December in the UK.


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