In what Iveco says is honouring its past, its new S-Way range of trucks will come with a limited edition model with Magirus branding. Germany’s Magirus Deutz, formed in 1864, was the oldest of the five companies that merged in 1975 to form Iveco, along with Italy’s Fiat, OM and Lancia and UNIC from France.
The truck, which was shown off painted in red white and blue with Magirus on the cab roof and sides, along with the iconic ‘Ulm cathedral’ badge features enhanced trim and other features.
Iveco said: “The Magirus [truck] pays tribute to its illustrious heritage while looking firmly towards the future. It incorporates multiple elements of the original brand, including the classic two-tone livery and chrome details. While paying homage to its history, it is innovative in its approach to developing a custom-made truck. It reinterprets its heritage with refinement, introducing precision craftmanship and high technology. Extraordinary attention has been devoted to every single detail, from the top quality leather finishing and fine fabrics, to the metallic levers, switches and inserts, and a wide range of options to enable each customer to make their cabin truly unique.”


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