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shutterstock 17338936The Road Haulage Association is strongly supporting proposals for new lorry parks in Kent, which are being discussed by the county council tomorrow (September 17th).

Chrys Rampley, RHA haulage security manager, said: “We have been working with Kent and also Ashford District Council to find ways of resolving the chronic shortage of appropriate lorry parking in Kent.

“The two authorities have done impressive work on this important issue. The proposed package of measures to encourage use of the lorry parks when they are built has the RHA’s full support.”

To combat the chronic shortage in Kent, three substantial lorry parks are being proposed.

  • Westenhanger, M20 junction 11 (300 spaces) – land-adjacent to the current Ashford International Truckstop.
  • M20 junction 10 (280 spaces).
  • White Cliffs Business Park, Dover (240 spaces).

“A Department for Transport study in 2011 highlighted the south-east as having the most severe shortage of secure lorry parking and we must seize this opportunity to move forward with decisive action,” Rampley said.

The proposals are being put to the Environment & Transport Cabinet Committee, which will make a recommendation to the E&T Cabinet Member who would then make recommendation to the full council.

After the schemes go to public consultation in early 2015, it is hoped that the first lorry park will open in 2018 and the other two over the following two years.

Findings from the 2011 Department for Transport Study showed that the south-east:

  • Had severe off-site parking, particularly between London and Dover, south of the M25, and west of London.
  • Had notable gaps in lorry parking facilities – mainly between the M23 and M3, and an area near the M2 and A2, through Swale and Canterbury Districts.

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