ell-known logistics provider Pollock Scotrans has new fleet flagship – the first of the recently launched Mercedes Actros1 limited edition line. The truck presents a particularly imposing face thanks to its Nordic front protection and light bars.

A maximum of 100 exclusive Actros1s are being built. Loaded with optional technology, comfort features and eye-catching enhancements, the model represents the ultimate in driver appeal.

Driver Allan Holt spent the first weekend with his new pride and joy on the Mercedes stand at Truckfest, Peterborough, where he won second prize in the organisers’ Best Kept New Truck competition.

Striking in its black paintwork with vivid green highlights – an alternative silver/black scheme is also available – his 2563 has a range-topping GigaSpace cab and the 15-6-litre straight-six which produces a 625hp.

Allan, who lives in Carnforth, Lancashire, is a huge Merc fan. “I’ve tried various makes in the seven years I’ve been working for Pollock, and the Actros has definitely been the best,” he explained. “My previous vehicle was also a 2563 GigaSpace. That was fabulous, but the Actros1 is something else altogether.”

He continued: “In terms of comfort and practicality it’s pretty much perfect; I can’t think of anything else I’d add. The uprated multimedia entertainment system is brilliant, the leather massage seats and Premium Comfort mattress supremely comfortable, and the additional rear overhead lockers very useful.”

Paired with a PowerShift 3 automatic gearbox, the engine also gets a resounding ‘thumbs up’. “It’s a superb piece of engineering,” enthused Allan. “I’m always hearing about Swedish V8s but my Mercedes-Benz will leave them for dead on the hills, and you barely feel you’re moving, it’s that smooth.”

As well as its LightFix Nordic bar and extra front lights, Allan’s truck is fitted with rear perimeter lights, and black rear wing tops and back arches. He has also added a short affirmation of his delight with the vehicle, which appears in green script across the bottom of the windscreen. It reads: ‘Dreams Do Come True’.

Allan added: “I just love the way my Actros1 looks, and thoroughly enjoyed showing it off at Truckfest, where it created an enormous amount of interest. I can’t imagine there’s a better truck on the market today.”

His enthusiasm is shared by Managing Director Scott Pollock, who declared: “Actros1 is a very special vehicle indeed, while Allan is a skilled and highly valued professional who looks after company assets as though they were his own. It’s for this reason that we were happy to indulge his request for the Nordic bars and other enhancements. The result is a fantastic new flagship for our business.”

Western Commercial has also recently supplied Pollock Scotrans with an 18-tonne Antos 1824 curtainsider, the operator’s first Mercedes rigid since 1979.