Renault Trucks is launching a new ‘#proudprofessionals’ initiative in co-operation with our sister magazine Trucking that promotes and celebrates the valuable contribution made by all the skilled people who work in the commercial vehicle industry.

“From drivers through to workshop technicians and service advisers, roadside recovery teams to logistics managers and signwriters, parts, accessories and vehicle manufacturers, our associations and media, we all play a part in this sector that quite literally makes the world go round,” said Nigel Butler, Renault Trucks’ commercial director.

“Commercial goods vehicles deliver all the essentials of our daily lives, stimulate trade, business efficiency and growth, and we want to celebrate the contribution everyone makes by encouraging pride in your role and pride in the service you offer to the community.

“All too often, the public perception of both light and heavy goods vehicles can be fairly negative. But the real truth is that, day in, day out, pretty much everything we eat, drink, wear, every event we attend, gift we give, every product we use will be safely delivered by a truck or a van operated, driven and maintained by #proudprofessionals; dedicated, highly-trained people who often undergo continuous professional development throughout their careers.

“Our people need a sense of pride in their role and know the value of their work, and we also need to remind society of the vital role the commercial vehicle industry plays in their everyday lives and change perceptions,” he added.

“#Proudprofessionals is about who you are and what it means to be part of this great industry.”

To support the #proudprofessionals initiative, Renault Trucks has invested in a new campaign website and social media programme in co-operation with Trucking magazine.

The hashtag appears on Renault Trucks latest advertising campaign, ‘Discover our Diamonds’, which focuses on the quality of the people behind the Renault Trucks dealer network – #proudprofessionals who are inspired by the strength of the diamond in the brand’s famous logo. The advertising campaign encourages people to ‘rethink what they think they know’ about Renault Trucks, challenging preconceptions and asking them to look at Renault Trucks in a fresh way.

“The robust, reliable and efficient Renault Trucks product range is world class and has transformed perceptions of the brand in the UK, so we feel the time is right to focus on the quality of our dealer network and the people, our ‘diamonds’, who deliver the best support to our customers throughout the life of the vehicle,” Butler said.

“They set the highest standards themselves, they want to be the best in workshop performance, MoT pass rates, parts availability and breakdown response times, and that’s what makes the difference.”

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