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Unveiled to key international operators and members of the press at a packed ceremony at the Grand Palais in Paris on August 23, the new R- and S-series vehicles boast a new cab, improved engines, refined driveline and better aerodynamics among the list of improvements.

“It is undoubtedly the biggest investment in Scania’s 125 year history,” said Scania president and CEO, Henrik Henriksson.

The manufacturer said the new range has been 10 years in the making and required an investment of SEK 20bn and more than 10 million kilometres of test driving. The result is a range of trucks that are five per cent better on fuel on average – of which three per cent is down to improvements across all Euro 6 engine platforms – compared to a current Streamline model.

Cabs have been redesigned both inside and out to be stronger, safer and more aerodynamic. Based on a modular construction, Scania said there will eventually be a total of 24 different variations.

Interiors are roomier, and the S-series features a completely flat floor for additional living space. The S-cab also has four non-slip steps for easier entry and exit (new R-series sticks with three).

Scania said drivers’ visibility has also been improved.

The modular construction also includes buttons and controls, meaning drivers can design their own layouts.

And in a world first, Scania is offering roll-over side curtain airbags located in the cab roof to protect drivers should the vehicle overturn.

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