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Question MarkThis week’s winner has no artwork and no unusual load to speak of, but it has captured the attention of the 122k strong Trucking Facebook followers.

With 1,516 likes, 165 shares and 13 comments, it was your stand-out favourite amongst the array of fantastic images captured by Trucking’s roving snapper. Volvo UK even gave this truck a shout-out on their Facebook page, adding to its exposure in the trucking community.

The picture was taken on Burlow Road, Buxton in Derbeyshire on Friday 28th June (posted on Facebook on 30th June) and it is squeeky clean!

So, without further ado, the Transport Cafe Truck of the Week is…

This Volvo FH500 V4 with a stylish top bar and a name plate in the cab displaying BAD LAD! The truck is hauling a half pipe tipping trailer.

TC Truck of the Week - Volvo Globetrotter - 04.07.14

One Trucking follower commented:

Comment 1 - 04.07.14

We always find out more about the driver through Facebook comments, and this truck was no different. Another follwer commented:

Comment 2 - 04.07.14

Congratulations Keith Higginbotham Jnr! You’re our Truck of the Week star 🙂

You can see last week’s winner here. Next week is a TOTW rollover so be sure to keep liking, sharing and commenting on your favourite truck so it’s crowned victor in two weeks time!