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shutterstock 110941199As we crown a new winner each week, it becomes clear that it’s equally important to the Trucking FB community what the truck is loading, as well as the truck itself.

This week’s champion has been featured a few times on the Trucking FB page and always garners a steady stream of appreciation in likes, shares and comments.

The picture was taken on September 1st on the M1 southbound near Trowell Services and was posted to Facebook on September 5th, attracting 1,263 likes, 57 shares and four comments!

So, without further ado, here is the Transport Cafe Truck of the Week…

The impressive Volvo FH4 takes the top spot this week with a very distinctive livery that one Trucking follower commented on:

Capture 4

The truck is loaded with a Volvo EC210CL crawler excavator and belongs to Lancashire based haulier, Ruttle PLant.

TC TOTW - Volvo FH - Ruttle Plant - 05.09.14

We’ll be back next week with the Trucking follower’s pick of the week. Get liking, sharing and commenting to ensure your favourite truck’s place at the top!