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This week’s image is something a little different. It’s our first winner to be a head-on shot and was taken this way due to the complexities of outdoor lighting (i.e. the Sun)!

Trucking’s roving snapper took this picture on July 21st at 1:30pm at his regular spot on a bridge above the M1 southbound near Trowell Services. It was posted to Trucking’s FB page – which has nearly hit an awesome 140,000 likes – on August 5th and became the running favourite for the week.

Moving away from the normal side shot that takes in the whole truck, the head-on shot is very powerful, really showing the sheer size of the vehicle. This was done so that the photographer could get the best from the natural light available.

Our winner stole the show with 1,455 likes, 89 shares and 14 comments!

So, here is this week’s Transport Cafe Truck of the Week…

The truck is a Scania R-series Topline, although the exact model is unknown as no badge is visible. It comes with a nice array of lights mounted on the top bar just above the company name, Hemmens & Sons, which are based in Bristol. Even from this angle you can tell it is hauling a refrigerated trailer.

TC Truck of the Week - Scania Super - Hemmens - Thermo King - 08.08.14Coined the ‘Super Snap’ this truck also created a bit of buzz in Facebook comments with nothing but compliments. One Trucking follower said:

TOTW - FB Capture 1 08.08.14

While another said:

TOTW Capture 2 08.08.14

Just as with last week, the driver was not tagged so we are left in suspense as to who was driving this impressive Scania. If it was you, drop us a line!

Next week’s top spot is now up for grabs so get liking, sharing and commenting to see your Trucking favourite take the Transport Cafe Truck of the Week crown.