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shutterstock 110941199Trucking’s roving snapper braves all weathers to bring FB followers a daily dose of trucking pictures. Come wind, rain, snow or sun, he is out and about capturing hard-working truckers as they whizz across the country’s motorways.

The picture that took the top spot this week came on a wet Friday last month on the southbound A74M near Lockerbie. It was posted on the 8th of September and steadily grew to an impressive 1,321 likes, 56 shares and 11 comments.

Among the comments on this picture, which strangely included someone showing off their horse, were these:

Comment 1 - 29.09.14 Comment 2 - 29.09.14

So, without fiurther ado, the winner of the Transport Cafe Truck of the Week is…

This Scania R-series owned by Lincoln-based S Lyon & Son.

TC Truck of the Week - Scania S Lyon and Son - 12.09.14

Looking smart in green with top and bottom lightbars, it is hauling a low-loader trailer with a couple of small machines on board.

Any guesses who the driver is? Let us know below if you recognise the person who’s sharing the spotlight with this Scania!

We’ll be back next week for more TOTW fun, so get liking, sharing and commenting to ensure your favourite becomes the victor.