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This week our winner comes to you in soft focus, and my is it a beauty!

Papped on the 14th of August on the A9 approaching Cromarty Bridge near Inverness, our victor created a storm on Trucking’s FB page when posted on the 16th of August.

Of the thousands of thousands of Trucking followers on the magazine’s FB page, an impressive 1,606 liked this truck, 150 shared it and five felt compelled to comment on it.

Our roving snapper was in two minds as to whether to post this snap because of the unusual pastel-effect of the shot. However, with this much interest, he was certainly right to get it up there!

Occassionly we also mention the runner up, especially if it was a close call. And, this week certainly was.

The winner of this week’s Transport Cafe Truck of the Week is a Volvo FH500 hauling a low-loader belonging to Dyce Carriers Ltd of Aberdeen. The company givesnames to all its trucks, notably with a Scottish theme, and this one, having the name Pa Broon, evidently relates to the main character in the long-running Scottish newspaper cartoon series, The Broons.

TOTW - 22.08.14 - Dyce Carriers - winner

The popularity of this picture could have a lot to do with Volvo Trucks UK sharing this picture to their hoard of fans.

Our runner up also comes from Dyce Carriers Ltd and is a double whammy. This time a pair of Mercedes MP4’s heading south on the A74(M) near Lockerbie. This snap garned a decent amount of attention with 1,663 likes, 85 shares and 16 comments.

TOTW - 22.08.14 - Dyce Carriers

The identity of the drivers is a mystery too, so let us know if you are the star of this week’s winnng pic or the runner up trucks!

Get liking, sharing and commenting to ensure the fate of your personal fave for next week 🙂