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It’s that time again, when we tot up the likes, shares and comments to find the truck that stole the show this week on Trucking magazine’s Facebook page.

Each week we see those following the page creep up and up and now this stands at over 131k trucking enthusiasts!

This week’s winner is a make that hasn’t enjoyed the TOTW spotlight before, but with 1,678 likes, 140 shares and 9 comments it took the top spot in its stride.

It was posted by Trucking’s roving snapper on July 20th but was papped over a month previously on June 16th on the norhtbound M1 near J26. It seems the truck was certainly worth the wait!

So, with great pride, we would like to announce that this week’s Transport Cafe Truck of the Week is…

This brightly coloured brand new DAF XF 106 carrying a colour-matched Bell B40D articluated dump truck. A very yellow affair to brighten up the motorway!

TC TOTW DAF Heavy Haulage Cotton

It is owned by Cotton Transport and Sons based in Church Gresley, South Derbyshire. We’re not sure who the driver is as there was so tagging this week to lead us in the right direction, but get in touch if you are the one looking pensive behind the wheel.

Next week’s victor is in your hands so get liking, sharing and commenting on your favourite snap!