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shutterstock 110941199It’s that time of the week again and to freshen things up a bit, we’ve got ourselves a new question mark! No expense spared.

This week’s winner comes from an event that is beloved by all trucking enthusiasts: The British Truck Racing Association at Donington Park.

Trucking Magazine’s roving snapper took a short break from the motorways to witness trucks throwing caution to the wind as they use their 1000+ horsepower to hit the tracks and tight corners.

Taken on Sunday 24th August and posted to Facebook on the 25th, this beaut has several trucks sharing the limelight but with the focus landing on one make in particular. With a whopping 1,790 likes, 127 shares and 17 comments, this was our clear winner for this week.

The victor is the pace truck, an Imperial Commercials DAF XF 106, leading the division 2 pack down Craner Curves on their warm up lap prior to the start of race one.

TC TOTW - DAF - BTRA Donington - 29.08.14As you can see, an array of trucks follew the DAF as they get a feel for the track before the big race.

According to the picture comments, the DAF driver would appear to be Richard Palmer. He


Comment 1 - 29.08.14

And Richard’s moment in the limelight got everyone thinking about being behind that wheel…

Comment 2 - 29.08.14

Trucking’s roving snapper certainly enjoyed himself, as not only did he get some very exciting action shots, but there was also over 175 show trucks for him to capture. If you were there then send us your Donington snaps! You can reach us on or start a conversation on twitter or Facebook (icons at the top of the page).

See you next week!