West Yorkshire firm, Bill Dyson Skip Hire & Waste Management had taken its first Volvo trucks with an FL8.250 and an FMX11.410 joining the firm.

Director Mark Pritchard said: “We’ve not bought Volvo before, but we were offered an FL rigid on demonstration and the driver said it was a good vehicle for the job we were doing. The turning circle on some other vehicle makes can be a hindrance, but the Volvo met all the criteria we needed.

“So far the decision to go purchase Volvo trucks has proved to be the right one, with the FL8 fitted with Multi-lift equipment on a 3,800mm rigid 4×2 wheelbase. The 18-tonne truck, supplied by Crossroads Truck and Bus Ltd, is light enough to have made a big difference to this operation.”

“Some of the eight-yard skips can have an unladen weight of nearly eight tonnes themselves, putting us very close to the maximum weight limit once laden,” Mark explains. “The lower weight FL makes it much easier for us to stay compliant. Aesthetically it’s a nice vehicle as well; we get all our vehicles wrapped in our company livery, so the name and presentation are what we’re about too.”

The company has ordered a second vehicle, an FMX 8×4 32-tonne hook lift, also with Multi-lift equipment. “Again, the driver liked it, feeling it didn’t labour as much pulling away as our other vehicles,” Mark says. “When you’ve got a 25-yard skip full of soil on the back you need the power at the right point, and that’s really rare to find.”

Ride height was the final draw for the company. “The Multi-lift sheeting system works very well on that vehicle, not standing proud of the roof of the cab,” notes Mark. “A lot of the others in the marketplace are very high, which isn’t suited to our work where you’re going into building sites and manoeuvring under scaffolding. Again, it’s the right vehicle for the job.”