Volvo’s tandem axle lift creates the right environment at Dampney’s

Agri Environmental specialists, Dampney’s Ltd. has recently put its first two Volvo trucks into operation with Wayne Bryant, Transport Solutions Executive at Wales and West Truck and Bus Ltd, Avonmouth, supplying the FMX11.410 8×4 rigids.

The trucks were amongst the first of this type specified with Volvo’s Tandem Lift Axle, which with its added environmental features, provides a fitting synergy to Dampney’s recycling operations across Southern and South West England.

“I am keen to utilise every benefit that Volvo’s TAL offers,” said Gavin Dampney, adding, “The FMXs have now been in service for a month. Our drivers like them and find them extremely comfortable for a day’s work.”

A TAL is ideal if you drive heavily loaded in one direction and return empty in the other. When unloaded, a dashboard button can disengage and raise the drive axle. Once loaded again, the drive axle automatically lowers and engages to ensure maximum traction and driveability, taking only 15 seconds from start to finish. The TAL option is available for all FM, FMX and FH models.

Drive axles produce friction and rolling resistance, which both increase fuel consumption levels. By disengaging and raising the axle when not required, a fuel improvement of around 4% is boosted by significantly improved manoeuvrability, reduced turning radii and increased tyre life.

Joining a fleet of 13 trucks based at several designated operating centres across South West and Southern England, Dampney’s two FMXs are equipped with sleeper cabs, 12-speed I-Shift automatic gearboxes and high chassis heights.

For maximum driver safety levels, the 24 cubic metre Wilcox tipper bodies are fitted with electric sheeting systems and air operated tailgates. Dampney’s also opted for five-year Volvo Gold Contracts that guarantee 100% uptime with preventive maintenance and repairs included.

The Dampney family has farmed for countless generations, but have always moved with the times. Over the last 30 years Dampney’s contracting business has evolved into a specialised recycling operation that pays close attention to detail and customer service.

An expertise in the recycling of biosolids for the water industry is delivered by the latest equipment and technical back-up.