Truck Stops

  • Cheerio Café Sleaford

    14th February 2020

    This is a traditional roadside café with room for parking for a handful of artics and while it looks a little run down from the outside, it’s pleasant enough inside and the staff were friendly enough. It’s on the outskirts…

  • Welford Truckstop, Near Northampton

    14th February 2020

    The Welford Truckstop by junction 1 of the A14 is a proper old school truckstop. It might look a little run-down, and a mass of portable buildings all put together to create it, but the welcome is warm and there’s…

  • J26 Diner, M25 Waltham Abbey, Essex

    14th February 2020

    This truckstop is right by Junction 26 of the London’s M25 Circular motorway near Waltham Abbey, it’s just a stone’s throw from its namesake but be careful and make sure you are exiting from the eastbound motorway that you take…

  • Dover Truck Park, Kent

    14th February 2020

    The Dover Truck Park is about three miles from the busy port and is popular for drivers waiting for their sailings or needing a break after docking. It offers a range of facilities and amenities for drivers. Breakfasts The full…

  • Morgan’s Cafe, near Tiverton

    16th August 2019

    Morgan’s café, Tiverton This is a good, traditional old-school roadside café. Morgan’s café on the A38 near Tiverton used to be the Gibraltar Café and isn’t a fully blown truckstop with masses of parking spaces and showers, and nor does…

  • Junction 13 M1 Truckstop, Milton Keynes

    31st July 2019

    While it can be argued that simply driving along the M1 is enough to make you want to stop for a rest, if you are due a break, just fancy a meal, need to park for the night or want…

  • Barton Lorry Park

    31st July 2019

    The Barton Lorry Park is on the busy A1 in North Yorkshire near Richmond. It is just by Junction 56, just one junction north of where the northern Pennine A66 road from Penrith joins the busy A1. Hence is a…

  • Route 74 Truckstop, Lesmahagow

    31st July 2019

    This a popular, clean and comfortable truckstop just to the south of Glasgow and right by the M74 with good access to the main Anglo-Scottish motorway. It is a well-appointed truckstop, very clean and with plenty of facilities. It has…

  • Midway Truckstop, Whitchurch

    31st July 2019

    Next door, almost literally, to the Ravens Café in Whitchurch, which TSN reviewed in issue 444 three months ago is the Midway Truckstop. The Midlway does not have parking, but fear not, there is an ample – council-owned – Lorry…

  • The ‘Fechan Diner, Ecclefechan

    31st July 2019

    There’s quite a few good truckstops on the M74 from Carlisle to Glasgow, and one of the better established ones is the ‘Fechan diner near Ecclefechan, just a few miles over the border from England and not far from Lockerbie.…


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