Morgan’s café, Tiverton

This is a good, traditional old-school roadside café. Morgan’s café on the A38 near Tiverton used to be the Gibraltar Café and isn’t a fully blown truckstop with masses of parking spaces and showers, and nor does it have extended opening hours, but if you want a good, decent breakfast or lunch then it could be a place worth checking out if you are in the area. It’s close to Junction 27 of the M5.
It’s open from 0730 every morning but closes at 1330 on Mondays to Fridays and 1100 on Saturdays, and it’s not open on Sundays.

The Morgan’s special breakfast is two eggs, two rashers of bacon and two sausages with fried potatoes and a choice of beans or tomatoes, black pudding or mushrooms and toast or fried bread. And all that costs only a fiver.
Such value makes you wonder if you need to look at alternatives, but there are four other breakfast options if the special is too much for you. They are breakfast No. 1 – bacon, sausage, egg and potatoes for £3.60, No. 2 is bacon, eggs and potatoes for £3.50, No. 3 is sausage, egg and bacon for £3.10 and finally No. 4 – sausage egg and potatoes for £3.
To any of these you can add extras; black pudding, beans or tomatoes are all 80p, a sausage or an egg is 50p, bacon is 90p, potatoes or mushrooms are £1 and toast, fried bread or bread and butter is 40p a slice.

Main meals
As the café is only open until 1330, the menus is not as extensive as other establishments. Ham. egg and chips is £4 as is bacon egg and chips. Sausage, egg and chips is just £3.60 while steak pie, chips and beans is £4.30 and curry and chips is £4. Chips on their own are £1.20.
More simplistic are eggs on toast for £1.80 and beans on toast is £2. Scrambled eggs on toast is £2.30. You can also order a roast dinner with two veg for £5. That is available between 1100 and 1315.
The café offers a small range of sandwiches. Bacon is £2.10, sausage is £1.90 and egg is £1.50. All three together is £3.60. bacon and egg is £2.60 and sausage and egg is £2.40. A bacon and sausage sandwich is £3.10 and a ham sandwich is £2.10. There is a range of puddings, all priced at £2.50.
Tea is just 60p a mug, coffee of a pound and hot chocolate is £1.20. Please note the café does not take card payments.

Outside the café is room for a handful of trucks to park, though you’ll struggle to get more than 15 trucks in there. Overnight parking is available on request – and is for no charge. However you won’t get a meal!
The café seats about 32 people inside and is clean and welcoming and the lavatories were in good shape. The staff were very swift at cleaning tables after diners had finished.
As I say, this is more of an old school transport café rather than a fully blown, facilities-heavy truckstop, but nevertheless it’s well worth stopping off at for your breakfast or lunch, and it offers excellent value for money and the food is very good.

Morgan’s Café
Burlescombe, Near Tiverton, Devon, EX16 7JX
01823 672273


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