Barton Lorry Park Industrial Estate, Nr Barton A1, Richmond, Yorkshire
DL10 6NF (this postcode shows the position further down the lane than it is actually located)
Phone 01325 377 555


If you are southbound on the A1M super slab then turn off just before Scotch Corner at the B6275 intersection and sling the only left, you will see the entrance immediately on your right hand side with the BP Fuel sign,, see photograph

If you are northbound then pass Scotch Corner and in about 1 minute you turn off at the B6275 intersection,, pass under the road bridge (A1) with a right turn and it’s immediately on your right hand side at the BP fuel sign,, see photograph.

Hours of Business

See Photograph of hours of business on other side of this page, note the last orders,, if you are running late give them a phone call and ask! you can only ask! Phone 01325 377 555

Sat Nav Details:

Postcode DL10 6NF (look for the bp garage sign (and turn in) some 2/3 hundred yards before arriving at this exact postcode position)

Click below link for a Google Map (Optional Hybrid) for The Barton Lorry Park Moto 2000 Transport Cafe located some one minute north of the A1 A66 intersection at the A1 B6275 intersection.

LINK FOR A GOOGLE MAP THAT YOU CAN PRINT. The green letter B marks the spot.

Webmaster Enlightenments

I have not tried nor seen the offerings at this Transport Cafe; it’s a Moto operation as per the Lymm poplar 2000 on the M6 M56 intersection. I regret I had much to do on the day I visited here (September 16th 2008) and was unable to linger,,, the parking is on hard packed ground and seems not bad for such a surface, the facilities seem adequate. Provided the cafe delivers a good meal in clean conditions or whatever the driver needs. I do remember this operation in its previous incarnation before Moto. I hope this operation delivers a good service for drivers.


Lorry Parking Overnight at £10.00 includes meal voucher dated september 2008 (please note this price may change over time) £8.00 gets you overnight with no voucher.

Transport Cafe as per hours indicated on this page.

Fuel possibly 24 hours

BP Shop with garage.

Tyre fitting repair company on site


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