Aberdeen is still a busy area for road haulage, but maybe not as hectic as it has been in days past.
Right in the heart of the Altens Industrial Estate is the Altens Lorry Park, one of the few remaining places for truck drivers to park – other than on the roadside or in lay-bys – in the city.

There is a large breakfast and regular breakfast to choose from. The large breakfast consists of two rashers of bacon, two sausages, a Lorne sausage, black pudding, egg, hash browns, beans and a buttered roll for £6.00.
The regular breakfast comes in at £4.50 and is made up of two rashers of bacon, two sausages, black pudding, fried egg, beans and a buttered roll. One, two or three item rolls are also available with any of the breakfast ingredients and range from £2.20 to £3.00. For lighter breakfast appetites beans on toast is available for £1.80 and a toasties can be bought from £2.20 to £2.70.

Main meals
You can choose your sandwich from a selection of bread, rolls, baguettes or paninis. Fillings are ham, chicken mayo, chicken tikka, tuna mayo, sweet chilli chicken and coronation chicken. Prices range from £2.50 to £3.50.
Cheese or coleslaw can be added for an extra 50p. A salad box can be purchased for £4.00 and soup of the day will set you back just £2.00.
If you enjoy a burger then you are in luck as there are 9 different types to choose from – regular, bacon, double, 6oz steakburger, 8oz steakburger, cheese, bacon cheese, double cheese and double bacon cheese.
Prices range from £2.20 to £4.60 and chips can be added for £1.50. Chips on their own cost £2.00 and you can add curry sauce or gravy for 50p.
Tea and coffee are £1.50 each and water and cans are £1.00. There are an assortment of cakes from £1.00 and sweets and crisps can be purchased from 80p.
There is also a choice of gammon steak, wild boar hot dog, chicken fillets and chicken curry all at £3.50, macaroni cheese at £3, smoked sausage at £2.50 and you can add chips at £1.50, onion rings at £1.20, rice at £1 and cheese at 50p to all these meals

The Altens truckstop has been dramatically reduced in recent years, especially in terms of parking, It used to be able to house 200 trucks parking for the night but much of the land has been sold or leased to other businesses, so after a period of just 60 parking slots this has been reduced further to just a dozen.
Part of that decision to decimate the parking capacity is understandable as the A96 road has been upgraded meaning traffic now heading north on the A90 to the A96 totally bypasses the Granite City meaning there simply are not the trucks parking up for the night in the area.
The café is still open from 0730-1930 Mondays to Thursdays and from 0730 to 1515 on Fridays. It is also open Saturday morning but not on Sundays. It costs £20 to park for the night and there is a 24 hour shower and loo block.
there is a decent sized eating area, although sadly it’s a much quieter establishment than in days past.
Nevertheless, the staff are exceptionally chatty and helpful, so if you are having to park in Aberdeen – and there are plenty of industrial units still on the estate, then it’s a good safe place to park.