Llanllwch, Carmarthen, Wales
Postcode = SA33-5DR

cafe frontageThere have been some changes in management in the company recently, and it has been decided to put less emphasis on the mart as a lorry park. It is still available for overnight parking, but the cafe is only open mart days (Wednesday and Thursday) 7.30am to 3pm. I am not sure that access to the facilities is there outside of office hours. I will let you know when I find out. I am sorry about this as you put in the effort to come down and see us, but the cafe was also not willing to invest more time unless the lorry park was shown to be regularly used and this doesn’t seem to have been the case.

If you could update your website I would be grateful.

Thanks, Name witheld.

Webmasters comments,, Please be aware that toilet facilities may NOT be available, just parking.

This new facility is located on the west side of Carmarthen on the A40 dual carriageway. A slip road offers access to either west or east bound vehicles. Essentially follow the Cattle Market signs which does have a letter P and a lorry outline in some if not all cases. PLEASE NOTE you can download Transport Cafe POI (point of interest) files for your Tom Tom Sat Nav from the bottom of every Cafe list page on this website; this cafe is included on this poi download as A40 Carmarthen. This download is free!

For none sat nav drivers arriving on the A40 from the east, the A40 bypasses Carmarthen centre with about 5 roundabouts after which you see open country and new developments still. Look for the Cattle Market sign and follow it. East bound drivers when approaching the outskirts also look for the cattle market sign and follow it, it is actually located on the south side of the bypass so east bound vehicles have to cross the flyover bridge. BE AWARE this bridge looks as if it about to take you back on to the west bound side like it or not,,,, it doesn’t,, so just follow the road straight ahead unless there is a sign. Once you have been its easy and obvious,,, but,,, who wants hesitation with over 40 tones of HGV. Please remember that you can download the sat nav file free of charge and that will take you to the door,,, don’t use the post code UNLESS you also look for the cattle market sign and obey that over the post code or you will end up on the east bound side dual carriageway with no stopping place.

Sat Nav Details
For this development it is just slightly difficult as the final approach road has NO NAME. However if you enter in your sat nav first llanllwch,, then,, manor road,, then,, manor crescent,,,, this will take you to the correct side of the A40 dual carriageway easily,, and you will have seen the cattle market signs,,, just don’t make the LAST LEFT turn into manor road,, keep straight ahead to the roundabout which is the entrance into the lorry park about 200 yards ahead. That’s the best I can do chaps after about a least an hour plus of fiddling about. BUT remember you can find this Cafe (and others) on the TOM TOM (can be used on other sat navs I am advised but check) poi file FREE Transport Cafe download on this websites A&B roads list page or Mway list pages, at the end of the list of Cafes.


FREE HGV Lorry Park. Flood Lighting.
Parking for about 400 trucks.

Truck Wash. Coach Wash, Van Wash.
A Manual Wash facility is available with space for about 10 vehicles.
This wash facility requires you get a token from the office which is office hours only Mon/Fri 9 till 5pm

Transport Cafe Hours of Business until further notice.
Cafe opening times

The cafe is only open mart days (Wednesday and Thursday) 7.30am to 3pm.

Disabled Facilities
Phone for information!

Showers Private both Male & Female
Showers/toilats may available at Cafe opening times,, or more if lucky. I know thats not a lot of good chaps,, but,, I will seek clarification

Click below link for a GOOGLE map to the Carmarthen Truck Stop Lorry Park & Transport Cafe (cattle Market).


Webmaster Comments

This new FREE Lorry Park Facility is in a steel fenced area which is floodlit. It serves as the Cattle Market on one day a week (Wednesday) in the daytime but there is still plenty of room for an HGV to stop. It has a capacity of about 400 HGV places.

The facility is well located and a brand new construction. We should all perhaps for a moment think about how Lorry Park and Transport Cafes can effectively develop in the UK given the price of land and brown field sites in particular. They are closing down because the site is worth more by far than a facility for HGV and White Van man in transit.

Many local authorities have cattle markets, which have cafe facilities; they are greatly under used and as such are a drain on the local ratepayer. Use of a cattle market to provide HGV lorry Parking and food allow such facilities to become more economic and can very often be a solution for lorry parking provision in many areas.

Farmer’s benefit by the better hours that can develop for the Cafe facility, and the reduction of rates cost overall for the cattle market. In short the better it is run the better for everyone,,, so the farming community and all HGV’s white van Man as customers together can acquire and retain a good facility,, as individual groups they are weaker.

If you are HGV or White Van Man heading down the A40 past Carmarthen or need that breakfast starting at 7am (07.00hrs) then call in and enjoy the spacious facility, doing this will cause the cafe to extend its hours.

The distance from Pembroke is 29 miles which is 40 minutes at 56 MPH so my tom tom sat nav tells me,,, and its very accurate.