A1 Grantshouse, Scottish Borders, southbound side.

Grantshouse, Scottish Borders, Scotland Post Code TD11-3RP
Cafe Phone 01361 850371

Photo courtesy Sun NewspapersSat Nav Details:
Please note that this establishment location is actually on the long layby
not the T road off it as shown.

Grid ref: NT823659
X: 382300m Y: 665900m
Lat: 55:53:09N (55.8859)
Lon: 2:17:02W (-2.284)


Hours of Business checked October 2008

mon/tues/wed/thurs/fri/sunday 08.00hrs to 20.00hrs (8am to 8pm)
Saturday 08.00hrs to 17.00hrs (8am to 5pm)
The hours of business seem odd but this cafe is a cosmopolitan operation for all sections of society, often used by none transport, ,, which is good because this can ensure a good service for everyone in the community. A business must stay solvent and having broad appeal is an excellent way to secure this target.

Ken Powell’s Report

I’m retired and never been a Trucker but did spend some years as a Transport Clerk and went out as a mate on wide loads from time to time. The Cedar Cafe –
Truckers, who park overnight in the adjacent lay-by off the A1. Meals are available in the Cedar Cafe.
As Transport Cafes go, and I use them often, this was one of the best I have seen with immaculate dining area, extensive menu, including up to ten ‘daily specials’ all around £3.95 each. Every meal is cooked to order and served very quickly. Shower facilities are available for Truckers.

I really recommend this cafe. The Cafe is open from 8.00am to 8.00pm There is also a mobile snack bar in the lay-by but for quality try the Cafe itself. The entry to the lay-by where it lies isn’t as well signed as perhaps it could be, but there is a Picnic Area type sign and a small sign saying ‘Cedar Cafe’ beneath it. It is about half-a-mile south of the actual village of Grantshouse on the A1, on your right when travelling north – if you miss the first entrance there is another about 200 metres further on. Grantshouse is 35 miles south of Edinburgh.
Regards from Ken Powell

Re Cedar Cafe – A1 Grantshouse. update september 1st 2005. (Please note the business hours update date is October 2008)

Have stopped there two or three times since Spring – still an excellent variety of meals in exceptionally good, clean surroundings. Price of meals slightly up – average now around £4.50 on the Specials Board.
Regards from Ken Powell


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