This is a traditional roadside café with room for parking for a handful of artics and while it looks a little run down from the outside, it’s pleasant enough inside and the staff were friendly enough.
It’s on the outskirts of Sleaford on the busy A17 on the Newark side of the main roundabout where there are roads to Lincoln, Bourne and Peterborough, Spalding and Boston and further east into the fens and East Anglia

The Breakfast special is £5.50 and gives you three rashers of bacon, a sausage, two eggs, baked beans or tomatoes, fried bread, bread or toast and a mug of tea or coffee. Note, there is no swapping of items allowed!
The small breakfast has two slices of bacon, one sausage, an egg, beans or tomatoes, bread or toast and a hot drink. You can add extra items for a pound each – hash browns, mushrooms, sauté potatoes or black pudding.
Cheese, egg, beans or tomatoes on toast are all £2.80 each, while a bacon sandwich is £2.50 or £3 with an egg in it. Also for £3 are bacon and sausage bacon and mushroom or bacon and tomatoes sandwiches. A sausage sandwich is £2.40 or £2.70 with an egg or mushrooms. A spam sandwich is £2.50 and spam and cheese is £3.

Main meals
There is an extensive range of main meals available. There is a range of options with egg and chips such as with ham for £5.60, bacon for £5.50, sausage for £5.30 or corned beef for £5.30.
Lasagne with chips and peas is £6.50 as is cottage pie. Liver, bacon chips and gravy is £6.30 while pie, chips, peas and gravy is £5.30. The popular gammon, egg, pineapple and chips is £6.50. Steak and kidney pie is £5.30, scampi and chips is £6.50.
There is also a roast dinner available for £6.70 for pork or chicken and £7 for either beef or lamb.

Lighter meals
A beefburger with chips is on the menu at £4.50 and a cheeseburger as an option of 50p more. Add onions with it makes it £5.30 while a chicken burger with chips is £4.80.
Chips with either gravy, beans or cheese is £3 while a chip butty is £2.50 and chips on their own is £2.
If just want burgers on their own – in a bun – but with no chips, then they are £2.50 or £3.10 with cheese, or with onions £3.60 and with bacon it is £4.20.
There is a good selection hot and cold sandwiches. The former are priced between £2.50 and £3 and include ham, cheese, BLT, tuna, corned beef, spam or ham and cheese.
Children’s meals – all £4.00 – are fishfingers, sausages, scampi or chicken nuggets and all come with chips – and a drink.

Desserts and drinks
Desserts are available at £2 each and include treacle sponge, chocolate pudding, apple pie or apple and blackberry pie. Add custard, cream or ice cream for 95p more. A toasted teacake and butter is £1.50.
Tea is £1.20 while coffees are all £1.40 and include Cappuccino, Latte and Espresso. Hot chocolate is also £1.40. There is a range of cold drinks, including water, soft drinks and milkshakes and prices vary

The café is open 0700-2000 n Monday to Fridays and from 0700-1600 on Saturdays and Sundays. Inside there is a TV and seating for just over 40 diners at any one time.
There is only parking for about ten trucks at the most, and the surface in the parking area is uneven and so prone to large puddles after heavy rain. However, considering overnight parking is free, beggars should not be choosers. Of course that also means there is no security, so bear that in mind if you have a valuable load on board. That said, it’s a safe enough, relatively rural area; but be sensible!
Inside there are toilets, which are ‘ok’ – and these are free to use for customers but those not using the café will be charges £1 for their use. Obviously they are only available during the café’s opening hours and sadly there are no showers – but then again, this is a roadside café and not a truckstop.
The food is very good. Sure, it’s not top-drawer, high class cuisine, but its presented well, it’s very affordable and tasty enough. This is a proper old school roadside café and as a result is worth using when you are in the area. The fact it offers free parking is a great plus as well.

Cheerio café
Newark Road, Sleaford NG34 8ET


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