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Welshpool Road, East of Ford, Near Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Telephone: 01743 850 070

Dinkys Dinah (Diner) is located a large layby, on the A458. Travelling from Shrewsbury on the A5 bypass its about 1 mile from where the A458 crosses it. This is in effect the end of the dual carriagway if westbound/northbound. Take the Welshpool road for about one mile, looking on the off side for a large set back lay-by, with local authority toilet signs directing you in from both directions. You can turn back again, but better to enter from the far side of the layby and be facing the right way. If your heading down the A458 then this advice does not matter of course. I will duplicate information here by saying this a 24/7 operation,,, and Jolly Good food it is.

Sat Nav Details:

Tom Tom Sat Nav are best set by looking for Ford (the village) then selecting Shrewsbury afterwards, then entering the street name “Butt Lane”, Butt Lane is about 100yds east of Dinkys Dinah so don’t Turn into Butts Lane just follow the Directions in the directions section of this page. SY5 is the postcode first three for your information but the address is a better way.

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Click below link for a map of of Shrewsbury. 1 mile from A5 intersection. See Directions for exact location.


Hours of Business

24/7 Unique Transport Cafe & Takeaway

Webmaster Report

Known as Dinkys Dinah (diner) this is a one off unique operation,, where I experienced good food. It reminds me of winter nights on the A4 trunk road in about 1959/1962, there was often a lot of fog about,, and somewhere near Calne there was an old Transport Cafe on a high point of a hill, as you drew close lorries could be seen, engines running to stay warm, exhaust gases curling up in the misty fog,,, freezing windscreens,,, the sight of this lovely cabin like transport cafe was sweet to the eye and gave you a warm feeling, knowing that cold or not this 24/7 cafe would be there to welcome you, charge your stomach with a good fry or bacon/sausage sandwich,, that you really needed in those days to keep your body going,, and your soul, making you ready for the onward journey again into the freezing swirling fog and mist,,, an old Leyland Comet bull nosed artic,, about a hundred blankets over the internal engine to keep the noise out and the smell,,,

Dinkys Dinah has that loving character, which can be appreciated more during the hours of the ungodly. I noticed all classes of customers queuing at the take away, mum and dad in their car, grandad and grandma, a car full full of lads,,, then girls,,, businessmen in their smart suits,,, lots of HGV and white van men/ladies, they all obviously knew it was a good stop,,, I had a bacon sandwich on one occasion, well done bacon, its was excellent,,, on another occasion I had it with an egg,,, again it was just excellent,,, not for eating every day of the week at my inactive age, but the caviar of the humble man, here it was served well!

To HGV drivers on the A5 passing Shrewsbury, I would say that turning off onto the A458 for the short distance would be well worth it. See Directions.

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Public Toilets & Disabled.