Transport Cafe / Truck Stop M5 junction 13/14
Easy location on A38 running between junctions 13 & 14 on the M5 near Stonehouse & Dursley.

A38, Bristol Road, Cam Near Dursley, South Gloucestershire, GL11 5JA

Nav Details The Gossington Truck StopSituated in South Gloucestershire, between Bristol and Gloucester on the A38 Bristol road, postcode GL11 5JA. The A38 runs adjacent to the M5 between junction 13 and junction 14.

The truck stop offers secure off street parking with security barriers, security fencing, floodlights, CCTV and security patrols for 50 LGVs.

There are new shower facilities both male and female and 24 hour toilets available with a fully licensed luxury bar and restaurant offering freshly cooked food, digital tv, and movie showings on selected evenings.

Other facilities include a general shop, cash machine, dvd rental, pay phone and 2 hours free daytime parking.

A loyalty card will be issued and meal vouchers are included in price of overnight parking.

Address Details, Location, Contact Information

The Gossington Truck Stop is located off the M5 on the A38, using junctions 13 & 14. It’s an easy uncluttered ride on this part of the A38.

Phone 01453 890 927
Fax: 01453 899 197

If southbound sling a right of the M Way at junction 13, follow the A419 to the first roundabout after the M Way roundabout which is some 200/300yds. Make a left south bound on the A38. After about three miles going over a railway line on a one-way carriageway split make an easy right turn (road markings provide for this action) across the other carriageway into a long lay-by where you find the Gossington Transport Cafe. From the south make a left turn at Junction 14 up to the T junction on the A38 some 200yds. Make a right turn on the A38. After about 3 miles you cross over a different railway bridge over a railway line, after about a mile you pass a small staggered crossroads then just past it (200/300yds) there is a long lay-bye on the near side for the Gossington Transport Cafe.

Sat Nav Details
The Gossington Truck Stop is listed on the free Sat Nav POI Files List download on this website. The postcode is not dead right for this Transport Cafe, be aware, as it will take you some few hundred yards to far south of the actual location. I suggest you use the free download which is dead accurate.

Transport Cafe Hours of Business.
Cafe opening times (Bar open in Evenings).

Monday to Friday 05.30 to 21.00
Saturdays 05.30 to 14.00
Sunday closed.

Weekend parking or out of hours phone 01453 890 927 or mobile 07966 090 996

Click below link for a GOOGLE map to the Gossington Truck Stop Lorry Park & Transport Cafe.



Showers Male & Female available

Site Information

This site has an all new kitchen and dining area. All the food is freshly cooked. The bar is open until 23.00hrs with digital TV in both bar and restaurant. A loyalty card will be given to all customers on first arrival. Selected evenings have live entertainment. Films are also shown. A General Shop is available.


The lorry Park is secure with barrier controlled access, security fencing high definition long range CCTV night vision surveillance & Infra Red surveillance with regular patrols. Voucher scheme operating.

Cash Machine Available

The following text is an informative extract supplied by the owners.

The Gossington Truck StopGiven the appalling lack of decent facilities for truck drivers in the UK and the recent closure of a number of established sites throughout the country, it is welcome new to hear of the opening of a new truck stop offering both secure parking and a full range of services. (webmaster comment: I agree.)

This new venture is based on the old Gossington Truck Stop, which closed some years ago It is situated on the A38 midway between Gloucester and Bristol. It can be accessed via junction 13 or 14 off the M5 and as the old A38 runs parallel to the motorway. It is a welcome change from motorway driving, without getting held up by traffic.

The premises have been completely revamped; the new owners have made a substantial investment and now offer extensive facilities for both daytime and overnight customers.

An all new kitchen and dining room have been built, offering a wide range of freshly cooked food, including daily specials, meals and snacks are available from 5.30 am through to 8.30 pm. A fully licensed luxury bar gives overnighters the chance to relax and is open to 11 pm, digital TV is offered in both bar and restaurant and movies will be shown on selected evenings as well as live entertainment.

New toilets/washrooms have been built and are open 24 hours; both male and female showers are available for a small charge during opening hours.

Other facilities include a general shop, cash machine and two hours free daytime parking; meal vouchers are included in the overnight parking charge. The new owners are keen to offer the best possible range of services for drivers and encourage regular customers; a loyalty card will be issued to all regular visitors offering discounts on their next visit.

There is secure off-street parking for 50 HGV’s, with barrier controlled access, security fencing, CCTV and regular patrols, which has to be most welcome for drivers with high value loads, considering the high level of theft from trucks parked in lay-bys and motorway service areas.

Older drivers will remember the location from the past, after all the A38 used to be the main road before the motorway was built and the Truck stop is ideally sited for traffic heading too and from the West Country.

Hopefully drivers will find it a worthwhile diversion from the tedium of motorway driving and overpriced service areas that do very little for LGV drivers.

Webmaster’s comments

It is always good news to have a new operation opened for the professional driver, especially one that is looking to be here long term. HGV drivers, WVM (white van man (& lady)) and travellers, technicians and other discerning members of the public are always looking for quality stops,, lets give this operation all the support possible. Thank you for supplying services for the professional drivers and others who appreciate it, Thank You!


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