This truckstop is right by Junction 26 of the London’s M25 Circular motorway near Waltham Abbey, it’s just a stone’s throw from its namesake but be careful and make sure you are exiting from the eastbound motorway that you take the third exit onto Honey Lane then turn immediately right rather than thinking you can get to it off the fourth exit which is actually the slip road back onto the motorway!
The site has an ample sized parking area, although be warned that the surface is less than perfect, very bumpy and prone to collecting water to form large puddles in the rain! So take care when getting out of your cab!

There are several breakfast options available. The biggest is the Full English which gives you eggs, two rashers of bacon, sausage, beans, black pudding, chips and tomatoes and costs £9. If that is too much or too expensive, then egg, two rashers of bacon, sausage and beans is £6 while you can have that with tomatoes as well for £6.50.
Scrambled eggs with beans, tomatoes, and mushrooms is also £6.50 while for £4.80 is the breakfast wrap which comprises an egg, a rasher of bacon, sausage, cheese and hash browns in a tortilla flour wrap.
Alternatively, haddock or kippers with two poached eggs, mushrooms and toast is priced at £7.50.
There are also a number of lighter breakfast options in the menu. They include scrambled eggs on toast £2 or the choice of either poached or fried eggs on toast for £1.80. That is the same price for cheese on toast while either beans, tomatoes or mushrooms on toast is £1.70. Finally, jam, marmalade, marmite or peanut butter on toast is £1.
You can add a variety of extras to your breakfasts as well. Chips, a quarter pound burger or extra bacon are all £1.50. Scrambled eggs are £1.80 while poached or fried eggs are a pound as are black pudding, two hash browns, an extra sausage, beans, tomatoes or mushrooms £1. Five onions rings are £1.10.
A fried slice is 60p while toast or bread and butter are both 50p a slice. A portion of fried onions is 80p more.

Light snacks
The range of light snacks includes Paninis all at £4 each and the filling choices are cheese, ham and cheese, tuna melt or bacon and cheese.
Torpedo sandwiches are also £4 each and here the filling options are ham, cheese, egg, fishfingers, sausage, chicken, bacon, BLT, tuna or corned beef.

Main meals
Most main meals are in the main priced at £8 and the choice is pretty varied and includes most of the usual truckers’ favourites.
On the menu are curry with rice and naan, chilli with rice and cheese or a roast dinner with either beef, chicken, pork or lamb. There is also gammon, chips, eggs and peas or ham, eggs, chips and beans.
Other choices include liver, bacon, mashed potatoes, and peas or the suet pudding of the day also served with mash and peas. Sausage, mash, onions and peas or a chicken kebab are also available for this price as is a half-pound beefburger with bacon, cheese, salad, chips and onions rings.
For £6 are the quarter pound burger with cheese, salad and chips or a chicken burger with cheese, salad, and onion rings.
For a lighter snack – and one with fewer calories – there is a choice of salads which are all £6 each and can be ordered with chicken, ham, cheese or tuna.
Omelettes are £5 each and can come with either cheese mushrooms, ham, bacon or as a ‘spicy’ option. Jacket potatoes are £4 for either cheese or tuna or £5.50 for chilli con carne as the filling.

There is a choice of teas, coffees and cold drinks plus a chilled cabinet selling cans and bottles of soft drinks and water. There is also a licenced bar selling beers, wines and spirits

The J26 Diner has seating for about 88 diners with an upstairs seating area as well as downstairs. There is also an outside covered seating area for when the weather is decent, but this also has a smoking area.
There are three showers but these are not especially inviting. It costs £35 to park with a £6 meal voucher, £39 with a £10 voucher and Snap and some fuel cards can be used to pay for parking for an extra pound.
There is free wi-fi and a TV and the site hosts regular music and classic car events at weekends. There is also a small haulage operation that works from a part of the site next to café and there is also a garage there.
It is open from 0600-2100 on Mondays to Fridays and from 0700-1400 on Saturdays. It is closed on Sundays.

Junction 26 Truck Park, Honey Lane, Waltham Abbey, Essex EN9 3QU


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