Jan’s Truckstop on the A19 southbound has a hint of European-ness to it, it’s a café tagged onto a petrol station with a sizeable parking area for trucks, adjacent to a busy dual carriageway, so very similar to the type of establishments you see a lot in Germany and other European countries.

It’s a handy place to stop overnight at, or just break for a meal, if you are on the busy trucking route from the industrial heartlands of Teesside heading back south.



The biggest breakfast on offer is the Full English – and that comes with two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two eggs plus black pudding, a hash brown, mushrooms, beans and fried bread and is priced at £6.50.

Two slightly smaller breakfast options are also available. Breakfast No. 1 also has two sausages, and two rashers of bacon, but has just one fried egg, black pudding, a choice of beans or tomatoes and fried bread and costs £5.50. Breakfast No. 2 is two sausages, two rashers of bacon, a fried egg, and either beans or tomatoes and is priced at £5.20. All breakfasts come with a choice of a mug of tea or coffee, and also a round of bread and butter.

Then there is a wide range of breakfast buns. These start with the basic fried egg at £1.90 while bacon or sausage on its own is £2.40. Sausage or bacon with tomato is priced at £2.50.

Sausage or bacon with a choice of egg, black pudding, mushrooms or hash brown are all on the menu at £3.10. Bacon and sausage together is charged at £3.35 while bacon, sausage and egg all together is £3.80.

For lighter bites, two poached or fried eggs on toast is £3 as is beans on toast or mushrooms and tomatoes on toast. Scrambled eggs on toast is £3.25 – with three eggs used. A toasted teacake is £1.30 while two slices of toast comes in at £1.20.


Main meals

The soup of the day is priced at £3 but if you want a bigger main meal then there is plenty of choice. Two fried eggs, chips and beans is priced at £4.95 while sausage, egg and chips is £5.50 – as is ham, egg and chips and corned beef, egg and chips.

Bacon, sausage, egg and chips comes in at £5.80 which is the same price as burger, egg, chips and beans or homemade quiche, chips and salad.

Fish and chips will set you back £6 while gammon, with egg, chips and peas is available at £6.50 and a mixed grill will cost £6.75. All main meals come with a coffee or tea, and bread and butter.

Homemade specials are £6 and on the day of our visit the options were bangers and mash or mince and dumplings served with a choice of potatoes, chips and vegetables.

There are also paninis at £3.75, with the choice being cheese and tomato, ham and cheese, cheese and onion or corned beef and onion – and all are served with a salad.

Jacket potatoes are also on the menu, a simple plain spud with butter is £3 while adding a filling – either cheese and coleslaw or tuna mayo ups that to £3.50. Cheese and beans together in your potato will be £3.75.

A plain beef burger is £2.90 and a cheeseburger is £3.10. A bacon, cheese and onion burger is £3.80 and all burgers are served with a salad – and you can add a portion of chips to them for £2. A chip butty on its own is £2.50.

Salads – either ham, corned beef, cheese or homemade quiche, are all priced at £5.75, and all are served with coffee or tea and a round of bread and butter.

Jan’s truckstop also offers a number of ‘Deals of the month’ – for example when we visited they included a bacon or sausage bap with tea or coffee for £3, soup and bread roll £1.95 and with a sandwich £3.50, cheeseburger and chips for £5 with free tea or coffee with an optional salad or coffee and cake for £3.50. There is also a sandwich meal deal where for £3.50 you get a sandwich, a can of pop or tea/coffee and a bag of crisps.

As well as trucks, the site welcomes passing trade from cars and accordingly there is also a kid’s menu. All meals are £3.50 and include bacon, sausage or beans all with egg and chips, cheeseburger, beef burger or chicken nuggets with chips, the kid’s breakfast and bangers and mash. All are served with a drink and an ice lolly.


Drinks and desserts

There is a range of hot drinks available, including coffees – Americana, espresso, café latte, cappuccino, latte macchiato, mochaccino – as well as hot chocolate or tea. There are also ice cream milkshakes – chocolate, strawberry, banana – on offer at £1.95.

All desserts are £3.80 and include apple pie with custard or cream, jam sponge with custard, hot chocolate fudge cake with ice cream or cream, spotted dick and custard, sticky toffee pudding with custard or ice cream or a bowl of mixed ice cream.



The site is slap bang next to a petrol station – which also has a shop for sweets, drinks and the like. There is a 24/7 shower and toilet block as well.

The café is opened Mondays to Thursdays from 0630-1930 and 0630 to 1600 on Fridays but is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

There is parking for up to 50 trucks and it costs £12 to park, but that gives you a £4 meal or shop voucher. It is £10.50 if you don’t want the voucher or are paying on a  SNAP account. Trailer changeovers are £6. There is also a cash machine at the site.


Jan’s Truckstop

A19 Southbound, Ingleby Arncliffe, Northallerton, DL6 3JX

Tel: 07944 444950





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