While it can be argued that simply driving along the M1 is enough to make you want to stop for a rest, if you are due a break, just fancy a meal, need to park for the night or want fuel near Milton Keynes, then the Junction 13 Truckstop is just the ticket.

There are four main breakfast options available. The biggest is the Jumbo breakfast which gives you two sausages, two rashers of bacon, two eggs, fried potatoes, fried bread, tomatoes, beans, two rounds of bread and butter and a mug of tea and that costs £8.75.
The Truckers’ breakfast has two sausages, one rasher of bacon, an egg, fried potatoes, fried bread, tomatoes, beans, bread and butter and tea and comes in at £8.20.
The all-day breakfast is similar but has no fried potatoes and is £6.75. Finally, the light breakfast comprises scrambled eggs on toast, two rashers of bacon, beans and tomatoes and tea and is also £6.75.
There are some lighter breakfast options, such as two eggs – either poached, fried, or scrambled, beans or cheese on toast are all £3.40 a go, while mushrooms on toast is £3.75.

Main meals
There is a very extensive rage of main meals available at Junction 13. A steak and kidney or chicken and mushroom pie with chips is £4.40 while a Cornish pasty and chips is £4.50.
For £5.85, you can order cod, ham and eggs, corned beef and eggs or sausages or bacon with eggs, and all of these come with chips.
Cottage pie, ham or corned beef with fried potatoes, peas and carrots are all £6.75 – the latter coming with two eggs as well. That is also the price you’ll pay for an omelette with ham, cheese or mushrooms, and again that comes with either chips or fried potatoes, peas or beans.
Gammon and eggs, with either chips or fried potatoes and peas or beans is £8.95 while a rump steak with chips, peas, mushrooms, onions and salad is £10.95.
There is also a choice of salads, with ham, corned beef, cheese or tuna all choices and they are served with boiled or fried potatoes and are priced at £5.85.

Lighter bites
There is a wide range of what we would term as light bites. and they include a beefburger and chips at £5.20 and you can have that as a cheeseburger and chips for £5.35 or an burger with a fried egg on it – again with chips – for £5.45.
A plain omelette with chips is £5.55 while if you add cheese, ham or mushrooms to the omelette then it’s £5.90. Good old egg and chips or sausages and chips are both £4.15 a go.
In the hot sandwich range there are bacon at £3.20, sausage at £3.15, bacon and egg at £3.90, sausage and egg at £3.80 and bacon, sausage and egg together at £4.60. if you want these either as toasted sandwiches or in baguettes, then its 40p extra.
A chip butty is £3.10 while a plate of chips or fried potatoes is £2.60. Bread and butter is 40p a slice and toast is 50p a slice with marmalade or jam and extra 20p. a portion of peas or baked beans is 90p.
Cold sandwiches are ham, corned beef or cheese are £2.95 while a salad sandwich is £2.85. Extras are cheese, onion or pickle at 30p, salad at 35p and ham at 40p.

The only desserts on offer when TSN visited were lemon tart or apple crumble which came with either custard or ice cream. These are just £2.10 if ordered with a main meal or you can have them on their one for £3.30.
You can order tea, coffee, hot chocolate and there is a range of cold canned drinks plus snacks, crisps and cakes available to buy over the counter.

The café is open on Mondays from 0700-2130, on Tuesday to Thursdays it’s 0630-2130 while Fridays it is open 0630-2000. There is free wi-fi and drivers can have their meals as take away options.
The site has showers and toilets and there is a shop selling CB and accessories – such as cleaning products – open from 0700-1700 on Mondays to Thursdays and 0700-1300 on Fridays.
There is parking for about 60 trucks and parking charges are free for two hours and then £21 for each 12, or part of 12, hours.
There is a diesel and gas oil available for sale plus the site is protected by CCTV and a security guard.
The site is just off Junction 13 and there is access to the motorway both north and southbound plus the A421 road to Bedford or Milton Keynes

Junction 13 M1 Truckstop
Husborne, Crawley, Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire, MK43 0UT
01908 281086


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