Motorway services are sometimes a necessary evil for many truck drivers, but isn’t it good when there’s a much better alternative about half a mile away from them?

That’s the case at Junction 24 on the M5 where the Junction24 Truckstop offers much better quality of food, more of it and at a much cheaper price than the nearby services that will lure the commoner garden joe public.

The Junction24 Truckstop says: “If you are tramping all over the country and are looking for a safe, secure and relaxing environment to take your break, then we are committed to making sure that your stay in the south west is as comfortable as possible”

Good quality food, using locally sourced ingredients is a big selling point of the establishment, and we can vouch that the quality is good.



The Farmer’s Breakfast comprises eight items, including a butcher’s sausage, two slices of back bacon, a free-range egg, mushrooms, fried potatoes, baked beans or tin tomatoes and fried bread or toast and costs £6.60.

The smaller Market Breakfastis five items; sausage, bacon, egg, beans or tomatoes and fried bread or toast and this will set you back £4.65. The Vegetarian Breakfast has a Quorn sausage, egg, fried potatoes, mushrooms, beans or tomatoes and toast and is priced at £5.45.

You can add extras as you so desire, namely Black pudding, fried bread, bacon, mushrooms, beans, tomatoes, or egg at 90p, sausage at £1.20, or fried potatoes at £1.

There is also a Mini breakfast which comprises two mini sausages, toast, beans and scrambled egg and costs £3.75.

Breakfasts are served until 1400 and drivers shouldnote items cannot be swapped on set breakfasts, and extra items will be charged for individually.

There is also a wide range of Breakfast baps or sandwiches with a mix of fillings. For two free range fried eggs it’s £2.50, for bacon it’s £2.95 and sausages is £3.25. Bacon and egg is £3.60, while sausage and egg is£3.90 and finally bacon and sausage is£4.85.


Lunch meals

Lunch meals are served until 1645. There is a wide range of sandwiches and freshly baked baguettes, the former made using thick cut white or brown bread. All are served with salad garnish and crisps or a side of chips.

They include butcher’s ham or mature cheddar cheese both at £3.70, tuna with or without mayonnaise for £3.80 while Somerset brie and cranberry orprawns with or without mayonnaise are both £4.95. A fish finger sandwich is £3.70.

Freshly-made paninis are alsoserved with salad garnish and crisps or a side of chips and they include – fpor £4.95 – ham & cheese, Somerset brie & cranberry, Pepperoni, cheese & tomato or tuna & cheese while cheese & pickle is £4.75.

Oven-baked jacket potatoes, which come with a side salad and coleslaw, are offered with a choice of fillings, namely butter for £3.50, mature cheese or baked beans for £4.75 or both cheese & beans at £5.60. Tuna, with or without mayonnaise, in a jacket spud is £4.95 and the same with cheese added is £5.65. Prawns, with or without mayonnaise, is £6.25.

Junction 24 also offers a Somerset Summer Ploughman’s, served with salad, coleslaw, sweet pickle, pickled onion, sliced beetroot and a bread roll & butter and you can choose two of the following; mature cheddar cheese, Somerset brie or ham and costs £7.45 while the Somerset Winter Ploughman’s is a bowl of homemade soup, a chunk of cheese, bread roll, pickle & pickled onion and this is priced at £6.95.

There are also fresh salads,made with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrot, red onion, cress and coleslaw and they can be with cheese, ham or tuna at £6.45 or with prawns at £7.55.


Snacks & light meals

Toast and butter costs £1.10 and with jam or marmalade, it’s £1.90. egg on toast, be they fried, poached or scrambled, is £3, as is beans on toast.

A side order of chips is £2.50 while cheesy chips are £3.35. Sausage, chips & beans is £5.95, eggs and chips is £4.35,ham, egg & chips is £5.50 or with extra ham and a second egg, it’s £6.65.

There is a small appetite menu as well. This includes the likes of a small ham and cheese panini with chips or crisps and salad for £3.25, four chicken nuggets, chips & peas/beans or fish fingers, chips & peas/beans both for £3.50, the same price that is charged for a plainjacket potato with cheese or beans.

The roast dinner of the day with roast potato and vegetables is £4.25 while two mini sausages, Yorkshire pudding, mash, peas & gravy or macaroni cheese with peas or carrot sticks are both priced at £4.


Sandwich packs

A sandwich on white or malted brown bread, is £4 – choose from cheese, ham or tuna and they come with crisps and fruit. They are served with a glass of orange or blackcurrant squash or for 50p more you can have it with tea or a draught soft drink. Twoscoops of ice cream and sauce adds another £1.50.

Junction 24 can cater for special dietary requirements, including vegans, gluten free and dairy free, however you need to give a day’s notice to ensure the products are available. There is always have gluten free gravy and Yorkshire puddings available.



Junction 24 is open seven days a week; Monday-Thursday is 0700-2015, Friday is 0700-1500, Saturdays are 0700-1530 and Sundays are 0900-1400.

The site can accommodate over 40 trucks of a night and its facilities include a restaurant, well-lit parking area, shower block, CCTV and onsite security and free Wi-fi. It cost £18 to park, which gives you full use of the facilities and a £5 meal voucher. SNAP, Key Fuels, DKV, UTA, HGV buddy and Morgan Fuelsare all accepted.


Sedgemoor Auction Centre

Market Way

North Petherton

Somerset TA6 6DF

01278 662200



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