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Market Drayton Lorry Park Transport Cafe Truck Stop
Located on the A53 A529 Intersection 11 miles from the M6 and about 4 miles from A41

Market Drayton, Shropshire, TF9 3SW

market(Please note this postcode is correct but shows on wrong side of roundabout. FOLLOW lorry park or cattle market signs heading north east approx)

Transport Cafe Lorry Park Main Phone 01630 695 831

Lorry Park Security after Cafe hours 07804 378 632
Mobile Link to gain entry if the gate is shut out of hours. Phone this mobile and your vehicle will be scanned automatically and you need to open the drivers cab window to be seen on zoom video 07813 625 787

Market Drayton Lorry Park serves as a park for the Cattle market in the day time on Wednesday, a small area is still available for trucks even during the daytime on a Wednesday, at all other times its all for Trucks. It’s located on the roundabout of this A53 A529 intersection. It’s the exit which is located between the northern A529 exit and the eastern A53 exit. It is also just some 11 miles from the M6 junction 15, and about 4 miles from the A41.

Sat Nav Details: (please note these are from post codes and can be about 100yds/mtrs incorrect)

Grid ref: SJ670350
X: 367100m Y: 335000m
Lat: 52:54:43N (52.9118)
Lon: 2:29:29W (-2.4914)

Click below link for a google map of Market Drayton Lorry Park Transport Cafe Truck Stop.


Hours of Business (lorry Park is 24/7)

Monday to Thursday 6am to 8pm.
Friday 6am to 3pm Saturday 7am to 12.30pm.
Phone Phil if you are running late or want to place an order for food 07745 016 897 or have any other questions.

Webmaster Report

The Market Drayton Lorry Park has been upgraded. It was a small free park for HGV but the area has been extended to the whole of the Cattle Market and 150 or 200 trucks could be parked here. A Transport Cafe has also been added.

The whole area is fenced and has excellent very high tech: day and night vision cameras high resolution.

If you are running short for driving hours because the M6 is blocked this is a safe location to head for at any hour of the day or night because it can take about 150/200 44ton HGV’s.

On arrival during the hours of the ungodly (as Simon Templer would say) you can pull up outside the electronically controlled gates, read the phone numbers easily on the gate, then give the controller a call requesting entry, stating who you are. When you have done this, he or she will look and see if you are who you say you are, checking all your visible details, then the gate will open allowing you entry.

You can also get a swipe card or be given one on entry to allow you to depart as you wish. The cameras will record you depositing the swipe card in the supplied facility. You can keep the card if you have a contract facility. Whilst this site does not have an electric topped fence, it is a secure park. Apart from the high resolution, day or darkness vision ability cameras which are controlled by the controller, this is high tech stuff and even during daytime hours anyone attempting to leave with a truck without permission, or just walking into the area will find the gates closing ,ysteriously in front or behind them. The police station is close by and the controller can call them if he or she is suspicious of any activity, whilst at the same time closing the whole parking area off with a gotcha button! I understand the zoom camera can also check your dental condition and very fine details.

As an extra, delegated password provided persons, can connect with their computer, from anywhere in the world, control the cameras, and look at personal and vehicles if any doppelgangers are suspected.

This new essentially new venue will have its own purpose supplied building in the complex, complete with SKY TV and bar, this is expected during 2006. June 22nd update. The new building is now operational and being fitted, the Bar is operational, gardens outside are being planted, flowers hang in baskets from the outside walls, why not phone Phil and and ask whats on the menu today!

Customer mail received as follows

Food – Excellent
Service – Outstanding and Friendly
Facilities – Good
Babysitting – Wonderful
Shower – Bit on small side
Anne Davies


Bar Facilities
Lorry Parking for first 3 hours is free.
Daily/Nightly £5.00

Transport Cafe (see hours of business)
Showers (see hours of business)
HGV Fridge separate parking Area
Contract parking available (phone)
Driver Training/Instruction areas available (phone)
Weekend Parking rate (phone)