Markham Moor, Nr. Retford, Nottinghamshire
DN22-0QU (zero queen uniform)
Phone 01777 838 921 Fax – – 01777 838 944

008Markham is located on the A1 about 100yds from the roundabout intersection with the A57 and the southern end of the A638. Its large and easy lots of space park is a welcome sight, as is the good facilities it offers. This Transport Cafe is a modern building that caters for coaches more often at the weekends, so coach drivers take note of this convenient stop, the usual motorway conditions are offered for coach drivers, you can see from the photographs that’s its atmosphere is good for your passengers. The ablutions are 1st class,,,, that’s a good forces used term for washroom and toilets. The entrance area is also with ample space and inviting. The dining area is large and the photographs don’t show its extent fully. This Transport Cafe is far better in appearance than any motorway services area, the prices less of course, and more food.


If northbound on the A1 take the 2nd exit, it is marked lorry park right on the exit point. For those arriving from other directions, its the exit before the northbound A1, and to repeat myself, it has a LORRY PARK sign on the exit. The B1164 also arrives at this roundabout. On taking the exit keep in a low gear and make a right turn into the large entrance in about 100yds

Updated April 2012
Mondays 07.00hrs to 22.00hrs
Tuesday to Thursday 05.50hrs to 22.00hrs
Friday 05.30hrs to 20.00hrs
Lorry park opening hours 06.00hrs Monday to 06.00hrs Saturday and is closed at weekends and bank holidays
Parking available for HGV etc