Next door, almost literally, to the Ravens Café in Whitchurch, which TSN reviewed in issue 444 three months ago is the Midway Truckstop.
The Midlway does not have parking, but fear not, there is an ample – council-owned – Lorry park just opposite. So you’ll be able to park up for the night. Unlike the Ravens’ café, the Midway is open much later, and while it still closes at 1900 of a weekday, that’s still gives you a fighting chance of getting parked and then fed.
There is outside seating for those – sadly, it seems only occasional – nice days when eating outside is a pleasure!

There are six main breakfasts on offer. The biggest is the ‘Desperate Dan’ which gives you bacon, double egg, sausages, double fried bread, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, bubble & squeak, black pudding, waffles, hash browns, square sausage, scrambled egg, bread and butter, toast and marmalade, and tea or coffee. This costs £9.00.
Next is the ‘Special’ breakfast which comprises bacon, double egg, sausages, fried bread, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, bubble & squeak, black pudding, hash browns, bread and butter, toast and marmalade, and tea or coffee for £7.75.
The ‘All Day’ breakfast is bacon, egg, fried bread, sausages, beans, tomatoes, hash browns, toast or bread and butter, and tea or coffee. This is on the menu at £5.95.
The ‘Healthy Option’ comprises grilled bacon and sausages, waffle, hash browns, poached egg, beans, tomatoes, toast or bread and butter, and tea or coffee. This will set you back £5.95.
The ‘Vegetarian Option’ is bubble and squeak, fried egg, fried bread, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, hash browns, toast or bread and butter, and tea or coffee. This is also £5.95.
Finally, the ‘Staffordshire’ breakfast is bacon, melted cheese, tomatoes, 3 oat cakes, and tea or coffee. This is priced at £5.95. Cereal is also available for £1.90 and you can also enjoy kippers for £3.20.
You can add extras to any breakfast, and these typically range from 70p to £1.30 and include waffles, onion rings and black pudding

Snack menu
There is a wide selection of snack-type meals. Omelettes with various toppings are available from £3.10 and include cheese, ham or mushrooms. You can add chips or a salad for an extra £1.10.
Jacket potatoes start at £3.20. Sandwiches come with a variety of fillings, including some of the breakfast favourites such as sausage and bacon, alongside more traditional fillings, from £1.90. Various items are available on toast and start from £1.35.
There are four options for children – pizza, chicken nuggets, sausages and fish fingers. Each is served with chips, beans and a free glass of squash for £3.75. Adult portions of these favourites are available.

Main meals
The Specials board runs from £6.00 to £6.95 and all are served with potatoes or chips, peas and carrots. Options are home-made steak and kidney pie for £6.95, home-made cottage pie for £6.95, haddock or plaice for £6.50, gammon and egg for £6.50, salad for £6.50 and curry of the day for £6.00.
Other mains include a grill, comprising of burger, egg, sausage, bacon, chips, onion rings, mushrooms and garnish for £6.30, pasty options from £1.80 and ham, egg, chips and peas for £6.20. Vegetarian options are available including a veggie burger. Chips are £1.70 a portion either on their own or added to a burger meal.

There are four desserts offered daily, with prices from £3.50 – check the board for what’s on offer. On the day of our visits there was chocolate pudding, apple crumble, spotted dick, jam roly poly, rice pudding, sticky toffee pudding and fruit with ice cream. All puddings are served with a choice of cream, ice cream or custard.
Tea and coffee are both £1.00 and a hot chocolate is £1.80. you can have your coffee made with milk for £1.50. There is also milk, squash and a choice of canned drinks available.

There are basic things for a trucker also on sale, such as toothpaste, gas and toiletries, but not a full comprehensive truckers’ shop you might find elsewhere
It’s open 0600 to 1900 each weekday while Saturdays is 0600-1530 and Sundays it’s open from 0730-1430.
This a bona fine classic old style English roadside café, the type that was common up and down the country in years gone by and now sadly not as common as they once were.
It was busy – always a good sign – but service was prompt, and with a smile, and the tables were cleaned away quickly. This café actually has a lot of charm and character, so if you are in the area, it’s a good place to stop.

Midway Truckstop
Prees Heath, Whitchurch SY13 3JT
Phone: 01948 663160


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