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NEW Oakmoor Transport Cafe, Northbound A38 at Branston, South of A5121 Intersection West Midlands

Hours of business

07.00hrs to 19.00hrs Mon to Thursday.. Friday is 15.00hrs close Phone ahead
if you are wanting a meal its getting near 14.30 hrs.

07.30 hrs to 14.00 hrs Saturday

Phone NUMBER 01283 712 712

Directions. (being updated July 2006)

There is an easy pull in from the A38 northbound, just north of the A5121 intersection,, The photo´s show the traffic as it approaches the Oakmoor Transport Cafe on the A38, but the photo looks south into oncoming traffic. There is a nice long approach road which looks a like a long lay-by (perhaps service road) when you first see it. Keep a sharp eye for it and if you think its it then take it as a mistake can easily be rectified by re-joing the carriageway. There is a curb to divide the service road from the dual carriagway.

Branston Transport Cafe Truck Stop lorry park Webmaster Comments

There is a small owner made sign as you approach, but well worth looking for, as this seems destined to be a well sought after stop. I went at a quite time of the day for all cafes and it was always doing business, I did notice that local firms use it,, so there is a big plus. I made a call here originally as the owners had changed in 2004.

The Café has been modernised inside and has a fresh look as the photos show. I needed food so I ordered one of my favourites, double egg and chips,, it was perfect, as were the two rounds of bread with it, thick and soft,,, could have been eaten on its own. The chips were a good quality chip,,, and the eggs white all over and soft yoke, just perfect. No fat or oil on the plate, just nice and dry looking. I noticed that healthy meals were also available as we don’t all want egg and chips all the time,, the environment was smoke free, which is a plus,,, if you are a smoker chaps, I can only say be fair,,, you have to think of the majority, and you can always smoke in your cab if you have that wish,,, “As Del Boy would say”, “You know it makes sense”.

Transport Cafes seem to be getting better, which is what we would all reasonably expect,, and this one is ahead of much of the field, personal owner operation hands on,,, can be hard to beat, even Grand Mum was there doing a fine job.

2006 July and an update,,,, this Cafe is doing well, the owners are still doing a fine job and care about their customers,,, my thoughts are lets look after good transport Cafe as they look after us, the Cafe area has exxpanded and is really fresh looking as it as on the first visit. I would not hesitate to call here for a meal or whatever took my fancy