Truck Stops

  • Altens Lorry Park, Aberdeen

    31st July 2019

    Aberdeen is still a busy area for road haulage, but maybe not as hectic as it has been in days past. Right in the heart of the Altens Industrial Estate is the Altens Lorry Park, one of the few remaining…

  • Jan’s Truckstop, near Northallerton

    25th April 2019

    Jan’s Truckstop on the A19 southbound has a hint of European-ness to it, it’s a café tagged onto a petrol station with a sizeable parking area for trucks, adjacent to a busy dual carriageway, so very similar to the type…

  • Rugby Truckstop

    25th April 2019

    The Rugby Truckstop evokes comparison with some of the impressive truckstops in the USA, with plenty of room for parking and lots on offer for drivers. The country needs more truckstops like this, with the capacity to get parked and…

  • Lynn’s Raven café, Whitchurch

    25th April 2019

    This is a real old school, classic truckstop café diner. It’s located near Prees Heath by the roundabout where the A49 diverges south off the A41 on the road south from Whitchurch. The postcode is SY13 2AF. It has plenty…

  • The Pitstop Café, Leeds

    25th April 2019

    Located on the Luck Enterprise Park in Kippax, in the Leeds suburbs, the Pitstop Café looks a bit utilitarian, but inside it offers a warm welcome with good food to boot. There’s plenty of parking for trucks, although the parking…

  • Truckstop Review – Avon Lodge café, Avonmouth

    7th March 2019

    More industrial estates should have quality truckstops, and it would be nice to think any planning permission for future sites should include provision for an establishment as a requirement to gain approval to build. One truckstop on an industrial estate…

  • Truckstop review – Samantha’s Diner, Goole

    7th March 2019

    Samantha’s Diner in Goole is a typical truckstop; it might look like a no frills establishment but it delivers what it sets it to do – being geared up to cater well for truck drivers. It’s clean and a pleasant…

  • Truckstop review – Coneygarth Services, Leeming Bar

    7th February 2019

          The A1 in North Yorkshire has undergone a lot of investment in recent times and remains a busy trunk road for heavy good vehicles. That means there is a great need for decent truckstops. One such site…

  • Truckstop review – Nunney Catch café, Frome

    22nd January 2019

    The Nunney Catch café is a real old school, traditional truckstop near the town of Frome on the roundabout where the A359 road from Bruton joins the A361 Shepton Mallet to Trowbridge main road at Nunney in Somerset, close to…

  • Truckstop Review – J31 Café Aston, Sheffield

    22nd January 2019

    Sadly, the need to keep the premises secure means the Junction 31 café is surrounded by rather uninviting palisade fencing, but don’t let that put you off as the establishment is not only incredibly friendly but it offers good, honest…


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